Monday, May 2, 2011

Just not a Reality Star: We Sit Down with the Talented Rayna Rain!

Attitude, pizzazz, and controversy seem to be the web often spun by the Creole and West Indian, Rayna Rain.  Known for her prominent presence within the entertainment industry, she has developed a lucrative background in acting, fashion and fundraising.  The clothing designer owns the trendy label, 3AM, which merges vintage soul with class and sass.  In Rayna’s words, “I live life without boundaries and taking prisoners along the way.”  With a spread in Smooth magazine, an upcoming comic book series, a workout video and an on-going anti-homeless, Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis awareness campaigns, Rayna Rain doesn’t fear spreading herself thin.  
“People naturally just hate on me because I’m beautiful but that’s ok, if I were them I’d hate me too!” Her budding confidence, gentle presence and amazing personality is not what served as the main reason for being casted on Flavor of Love 3, but the entrancing realism that she really wasn’t acting.  Her career as an actress boosts lead roles in numerous plays such as the hit stage play “Friends with Benefits” (Brian Hooks & Barry Bowes, Writers), “In Due Season” (Lynn Parrot, Producer) and with a sexy role as a demon possessed seductress in the movie “10,000 Doors”.  Her role in Beenie Seagal’s video “All the Above” exposed her beauty and ability to stand out.  This woman was born to be a star, “when she walks in the room you can’t help but notice her, then you want her, but you doubt you can have her.  I swear she must be perfect” stated R&B legend, R. Kelly.  
Eye-Candy is a strong sentiment for Rayna, as she’s a strong embodiment of the diversity Chicago has to offer.  She sums up style from multiple areas of the world to encompass who she is as an individual.  Ultimately, Rayna is more than a model but rather a future fashion icon, award winning actress and business woman.  Her class, elegance and drive should be the personification of womanhood.  In her world, Rayna reigns supreme!  
May 2,2011 We sat down and talk to Rain about her foundation, what she is doing now and her future! 
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