Monday, May 2, 2011

Positive Monday's:Your Positive Thinking Techniques

We are starting a new segment on SBD called Positive Monday's! This segment is for the everyday women that needs that push to start her fabulous week. 

Your Positive Thinking Techniques

If you are seeking ways in which to improve your attitude, elevate your mood, become happier in life, and even become healthier at the same time, consider employing some positive thinking techniques. Far from being wishful thinking or another form of psychobabble, using self-affirmations has been proven to actually work.
The very best part of using this technique is that it is available for every individual, at any time, and it costs absolutely nothing to do. For that matter, this makes it perfect to try, even for the most skeptical among us. Give it a try and it you experience no measurable results, simply abandon the exercise with no harm done and no time wasted.
There are many ways to go about self-affirmation, so begin with the simplest. Every morning, when you face yourself in the mirror, say something nice to yourself. Try not to be self-conscious, and just tell yourself you feel great today. That is it. Find something nice to say to yourself, and simply tell it to you.
Along those same lines is to write down a saying, such as I am healthy, wealthy, and wise, or anything similar, and carry it with you everywhere you go. When you have a spare moment, such as riding in an elevator or walking to the restroom, pull it out and read it. Again, it is that simple to do.
If writing things down is easier for you then speaking them out loud, then try this idea. Write a list of all of your positive traits and attributes. If you have difficulty praising yourself, get a trusted friend to help. Every body has a least a few good traits that should be praised. Then simply read the list to yourself when you have the time. For the best results, strive to add one item to that list every day.

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