Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nick Cannon Impersonates Mariah Carey In Showtime Comedy Special

Most comedians capitalize on taking potshots at others. But it's Nick Cannon's jokes about himself on his Showtime comedy special, "Mr. Showbiz," that yield the biggest laughs.
On the hour-long stand-up routine that airs Sunday night, Nick confirms what many believe about his marriage to world renowned pop diva Mariah Carey: She is the boss.
Nick, who refers to himself as a boy toy, makes light of his wife's iron fist when it comes to red carpet etiquette. He recites the pep talk Mariah gives him when they arrive at award shows. Mariah warns him to keep his eyes on the ground and not to look at other women. He says "ka-ching" when describing the boost his financial status received after the two married. He even jokes that he is still not sure how his childhood fantasy to marry Mariah came true. He says that his marriage to Mariah is just as shocking as it would be if Halle Berry wed Soulja Boy.Arguably, Nick's funniest Mariah jokes involve an alter ego modeled after a blaxpolitation character named Goldie from the movie "The Mack." Portrayed by Max Julien, Goldie is a pimp who spews directives in a nasal, high-pitched voice.

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