Monday, May 16, 2011

Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears Wore The Same Dress This Weekend

While Kim Kardashian almost always looks impeccably groomed -- no doubt with a team of 20 deliberating every hair, makeup and wardrobe decision -- Britney Spears usually dresses like an 8th grader at a slumber party.
But, this weekend, the two women sartorially crossed paths, if you will, as they wore the same Herve Leger dress across the country from one another. Kardashian wore it Friday night in Miami while Spears sported hers Saturday night in Los Angeles at Wango Tango.
Kardashian, who posted the pictures on her blog, attempted to downplay any of the Us Weekly-fueled "Who Wore It Best?" mentality by politely commenting, "love bright colors and Brit looks so fab! It's the perfect summer dress!"
We can't believe we're saying this -- and maybe we're just reacting to the shock of the rare occurrence of Spears seemingly putting some effort into her look -- but we think Spears may actually have won this "battle"? Hmmm, now that we're thinking about it though, we're not totally sure? What do you think? We will be deliberating this for the next 36 hours at least.

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