Monday, July 20, 2015

Congrats to Fantasia Barrino on getting married!

Fantasia Barrino, Instagram
Fantasia Barrino is married. The 31-year-old American Idol winner wed Kendall Taylor, the chief operating officer of a courier company, in a weekend ceremony. The glowing bride gushed about her new husband shortly after the nuptials and shared a romantic snapshot of herself with her new husband cuddling while overlooking the ocean on July 19, 2015. The wedding took place on a luxury yacht, according to Us Weekly.

Fantasia Barrino is married.
Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris

"Those who really know me know that I LOVE Water.. Can you see it? How Happy I am.. This Man.. God made him just for Me and me Just For Him.. This Man.. Covers and prays for me and my children [13-year-old Zion and three-year-old Dallas, her daughter and son from previous relationships] EVERY morning.. This Man.. Loves My Father in Heaven and his name is God.. This Man allows me to just be a woman," newly married Fantasia Barrino wrote in an emotional Instagram post that accompanied her wedding photo.
"No more Hurt because King Kendall will never let that happen.. I'm off to just kiss, Hug and play in some water with This Man.. Look at Him in the pic YEP!! HE COVERS ME.. Be Happy with me you guys cause I've been thru SOOOOO much. Some stuff was my wrong decisions but all I ever really wanted was this.. Real Love. This Man and this smile is real... Later you guys bye bye for a while.. God did not forget about me...."
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Freshly married Fantasia Barrino and her newlywed husband enjoyed a red, white and black themed wedding aboard the yacht. The bride wore a traditional white wedding gown with lace sleeves; she wore a delicate strand of white flowers as a headband encircling her head and carried a bouquet of lovely red roses adorned with tiny white flowers.
Now that Fantasia Barrino married the man of her dreams, she can finally have the happy-ever-after, fairy-tale ending that she deserves. Congratulations to the handsome couple.