Monday, May 2, 2011

Pro Fashional Alliance

ProFashional Alliance® is an all new, hot exclusive fashion production company with one objective in mind; to show the world the true beauty in fashion. With crazy mixtures of industry leaders, fashion icons and production concept; this exclusive fashion production team brings to you a unique high fashion blowout experience. The ProFashional Alliance® is a professional (PRO) fashion (Fashional) network, consisting of the Southeast top producers and business industry authorities (Alliance), who meet together on common ground with the idea of branding new fashion prodigies. We are an innovative organization that specializes in creating fashion productions, introducing new style, fashion awareness for Adults, youth and teens. 

ProFashional Alliance® takes pride in branding your event with style, bringing the true essence of "Art" back into the fashion world. We are an organization with standards; as our company philosophy is to rear well-rounded, self-motivated, groomed children and young adults by providing them with the resources to turn their weaknesses into strengths, creating an ultimate ProFashional brand for all to see. The ProFashional Alliance®, led by Mr. EmmanuelGabriel Scott and Partner, E Vincent Martinez, creates a traditional runway fashion show with award winning models, a highly choreographed set of scenes, customary catwalk models, and designers, catered to people of all ages. 

Whichever style suits you, a selection of compeers will bring it to life with lively and stylish conversation. Our team will produce a myriad of technical and creative designers hand chosen with cost, venue design, audience expectation, and the conclusion is a smooth quality production focused entirely on enhancing your personal and brand image by highlighting a contemporary vision to keep you in the public eye.
The ProFashional Alliance® is a winning team of fashion show productions and continues to attract diverse and discerning clients who crave show stopping creative design, expert timing and captivating performances. We know timing, music and movement during a fashion show require precision, and that is why our expert team is the perfect choice. Providing staging, lighting, PA systems, special effects and graphic design, the ProFashional Alliance® team also offers a full health and safety certificate and public liability insurance. We also advise on music to create the perfect mood and a script writing service to capture the imagination. The ProFashional Alliance® has worked in this partnership offer on wider creative launches and promotional designs with leading newspaper groups, radio stations, corporate hotel and shopping malls. From haute couture, high fashion European runway, car showroom fashion launches; ProFashional Alliance® can offer a full package. In fact whatever your requirements are, we can assure you ProFashional Alliance® full support!

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