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Pippa Middleton Style: See 100 Outfits!

Nov 23, 2011 @ 11:20 am
Pippa MiddletonStartraksphoto; Rex USA (2); Xposure Photos
We’ve been tracking Pippa Middletons outfits all year, and thankfully—just in time for Thanksgiving—we’ve hit the 100 photo mark! Check out the royal-in-law’s most memorable looks, from Zara to Temperley London to her trusty Modalu bag, in the gallery now. Tell us: Do you like Pippa’s style? Let us know in the comments!
Alice Temperley on the Middletons
Are You a Kate or a Pippa?
Found It: Pippa’s Two-Tone Dress

Is she the wrong woman for you?

Is she the wrong woman for you?

Women aren’t the only ones who can make the “biggest mistake of their lives” by marrying the wrong person. That’s the message male readers have been sending authors Jennifer Gauvain and Anne Milford since the publication of their book, How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy: Is He “the One” or Should You Run?, which was born out of Milford’s personal experience with canceling her own wedding and Gauvain’s years of experience as a social worker and therapist working with couples and families. The book encourages women to cut their losses and run if they have a hunch they’re heading down the aisle with Mr. Wrong, regardless of how much time and money they’d invested already in the relationship. Milford and Gauvain are back to set the record straight by explaining how the book’s advice is just as applicable men as it is to women and to discuss the relationship mistakes that men in particular need to watch out for.

Q: Is there a reason why your book isn’t called How Not to Marry the Wrong GAL instead of How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy?

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Milford: The book was inspired by my own near-miss at the altar. I almost married the wrong guy — but I called off it off six months before the wedding day. In the aftermath, I was shocked by how many women confessed to me that they wished they had the courage to cancel their own weddings. The line I heard repeated over and over was: “I knew that I was making a mistake as I was walking down the aisle” (99.9% of the women who shared these secrets were divorced, by the way). However, I did talk to several men who made the same mistake. They knew they were marrying the wrong woman, but walked down the aisle in spite of their misgivings. So initially, the book was going to be about marrying the wrong man or woman. However, we soon realized that it would be more practical to limit our audience to one gender. As two women, we chose a female audience. Regardless, the advice contained within How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy absolutely applies to both women and men.

Q: Are there bad relationship experiences to which men are particularly vulnerable? In How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy, there are certain types of “bad boyfriend” traits that come up — irresponsible, addicted, controlling, etc. Are there “bad girlfriend” traits that men should watch out for?

Gauvain: Essentially, men date the wrong women for many of the same reasons women date the wrong men: external pressure from their friends and family, loneliness and insecurity, believing that he can fix any faults she might have. However, after talking to several men who wanted to share their relationship stories gone wrong, we discovered that there are a few fundamental reasons for why men stay with the wrong woman. Most of the men reported that they felt a sense of honor, duty or obligation to do so. They did not want to hurt the woman or disappoint her family or friends.

Guys are just as tuned in to those relationship warning signs, or what we call “red flags,” as women are. These red flags offer clues about a partner’s character. Red flags are different for everyone, but they can be defined as any troubling actions, attitudes or behaviors. The vulnerability issue addressed in the book lies in the fact that most of these red flags go ignored. We spoke to one man who was dating a woman who had a drug and alcohol problem. He was initially attracted to her “life-of-the-party” type of personality, but this soon progressed into her passing out every night. Deep down, he was disgusted and extremely disappointed in her — but he also felt like she really needed him and that somehow he could rescue her from her own demons. Ultimately, she began stealing money from him and was bringing her drug dealers into his home. When all was said and done, he had invested over two years in the relationship and eventually ended all contact with her. He thought she needed a knight in shining armor and he took on that role with ease. Unfortunately, she knocked him off of his horse, stole it and left him to figure out how to get home!

There is a lesson here for all men who might be dating the wrong woman: don’t believe that you can save another person. You don’t have that much power, nor do you want that much power. If you are dating a woman who lies, cheats, is addicted to drugs or alcohol, spends too much money, is disrespectful to others (including you)… we can almost guarantee that you will end up being miserable. Learn to recognize these red flags, acknowledge them, and then you will be on your way to a happier, more satisfying relationship with the right woman.

Q: Which of the book’s guidelines for knowing that a relationship is “wrong” are equally as applicable to men as they are to women readers?

Gauvain: The most important lesson for men and women to get from this book is learning to trust your gut feelings. Those gut feelings can sound that little voice in your head that makes you stop and pause, or the funny feeling you get in the pit of your stomach, or the sense that something is just not right. Our gut feelings are triggered by the red flags we mentioned earlier. Some call it intuition — being able to trust yourself enough to do what is right. If you are dating a woman who is constantly setting off a gut reaction within you, listen carefully to what that little voice in your head is trying to tell you about her. Carefully consider your girlfriend’s behavior and how she treats you. Does she constantly belittle you in front of her friends? Is she critical and judgmental of you? Do you share the same common core values? Is she disrespectful towards you or important people in your life? Are you constantly walking on eggshells? What happens inside of you when she behaves this way? If you have been ignoring your feelings or pushing them aside, STOP! Take a moment to examine those feelings and ask yourself if you truly want to be committed to someone who causes you so much discomfort.

Q: In the book, you stress that it’s more important to listen to your instincts than to memorize a list of red flags — that recognizing your own unique set of red flags is the most important thing. Do you hear from male readers who’ve had trouble listening to their own inner doubts?

Gauvain: I think the reasons that men and women squelch their instincts are similar in many ways — with one key difference. The women’s reasons for staying revolved around their insecurities or feelings of loneliness. They told us: “I was tired of being alone” or “I didn’t think anyone better was going to come along.” The majority of men we talked to stuck with less-than-fulfilling relationships out of their sense of duty, obligation, or unwillingness to hurt their girlfriends’ feelings.

Q: Any advice for men in terms of knowing whether or not they’ve met The One?

Gauvain: There is no checklist that exists that will help you find The One. Everyone has a different idea about what they want in a partner. We encourage all of you men out there to not just make a checklist of attributes you want in a wife (funny, brunette, sexy, etc.), but to consider who you are, what’s important to you, and the type of life you want to lead. Once you have thought about that, consider the qualities your potential partner must possess in order to compliment this vision.

For example: “I have a sense of adventure and want to experience new things — hobbies, recreation, travel.” So it would be important to find a partner who shares a similar sense of adventure with your own. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to love bungee jumping and cliff-diving, but it does mean that she is open-minded, curious and willing to step out of her comfort zone. Or maybe it’s a matter of being flexible enough to sit on the sidelines while you attack the double black diamonds on a ski trip while she enjoys a book by the fireplace. And if you want (or already have) children, think about your goals as a parent. “I want a wife who is gentle with children but who can also be a caring disciplinarian who is not afraid to set limits.” Another thing to consider is what type of personality compliments you. “I want to be with someone who is patient and calm but who won’t get triggered when I overreact or get panicked.” See the subtle details in this list? It’s not just a checklist; rather, it’s about articulating the qualities and characteristics you need for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

It sounds like a cliché, but when you meet the right woman, you will just know. She will bring out the best in you, not the worst. She will be a constant source of strength for you through the good times and the bad. Your face will light up when you talk about her to your coworkers and friends. She will be the first person you want to talk to in the morning and the last at night. She will be the one who brings you a week’s supply of homemade chicken soup when you get sick with the flu. She may not like to watch “the big game” with you, but she will respect your desired pastimes and have her own set of hobbies that she does independently of you, without complaining. She does exist… but sometimes you have to free yourself from the wrong woman before you can find the right one.

Q: Is How Not to Marry the Wrong Gal going to be your next book?

Milford: We believe that How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy contains all of the advice a man — yes, any man! — needs to figure out whether or not he’s dating the wrong woman. We recently heard from a man who wanted to “confirm our claim that this book is just as helpful for men.” He read it because he “…couldn’t let go of the guilt” he felt after breaking up with his girlfriend. He said, “I really broke her heart and I still feel bad about it, even though I know our relationship was extremely toxic.” He found the book to be helpful because “I spent three years with the wrong woman and spent an inordinate amount of time after the breakup trying to figure out why I stayed so long.” He said How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy helped him recognize the red flags, understand what went wrong, and gave him insights he needs to have a better relationship in the future.

Theo Pauline Nestor is the author of How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed and a regular contributor to Happen magazine. Visit her at You can learn more about How Not to Marry the Wrong Guy at

Miley Cyrus Parties Until 3 A.M. on 19th Birthday

Miley Cyrus Parties Until 3 A.M. on 19th BirthdayKelly Osbourne threw the ultimate birthday bash for her celeb BFF Miley Cyrus on Tuesday.
A source tells Us Weekly that Osbourne rented out Beacher's Madhouse inside the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to help the 19-year-old celebrate her special day.
PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus' wild life
"Her mom Tish went, and so did her boyfriend Liam [Hemsworth]," the source says of Cyrus. "The group was up until 3 a.m. just dancing up a storm and having fun."
Cyrus seemed quite impressed with Osbourne's planning skills, calling it "the best party ever" on Twitter. "Let's just say there was a unicorn in the lobby!" (An onlooker tells E! News there was a horse with a horn attached to its head inside the soiree.)
PHOTOS: Disney stars through the years
Prior to Tuesday's birthday blowout, Osbourne teased that it was "going to be the sickout thing [Miley has] ever seen in her life."
VIDEO: Miley mentors an American Idol contestant
"That was my mission for her, to make her birthday...the best day ever."
Osbourne and Cyrus first became friends while shooting the comedy So Undercover. The film has yet to be released.
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Singer Rihanna performs on NBC's "Today" show in New York, May 27, 2011. REUTERS/Brendan

..Related Content.

...Singer Rihanna performs on NBC's "Today" show in New York, May 27, 2011. REUTERS/Brendan …

....Entertainment slideshows.

.US first ladies' ballgowns showcased in DC

6 photos - Sun, Nov 20, 2011Barneys opens Gaga's Workshop

24 photos - 17 hrs agoThe Muppets stage a comeback

7 photos - Thu, Nov 17, 2011...See latest photos »....LOS ANGELES ( - The advance word on Rihanna's new album "Talk That Talk" was that it would be full of dirty talk -- as in stark-raving smutty. That turns out to have been an overstatement: filth-ophilia really only accounts for about a third of the record.

But, um, it's a memorable third. "I want you to be my sex slave," she sings in "Cockiness." "I can be your dominatrix ... She may be the queen of hearts, but I'm gonna be the queen of your body parts." No surprise, that, coming from the woman who already had a hit off her last album called "S&M."

She gets to the point much faster in the one minute and 18 seconds of "Birthday Cake," which barrels through a set of not-quite-double entendres about licking and biting baked goods before America's sweetheart just cuts to the chase by declaring, "I want to f--- you right now."

How does she want to? Let her count the ways: "On the bed, on the floor, on the couch," she sings, acting as a sort of erotic location scout on "Watch N Learn" -- although this number may be less about traditional sexual congress than the more advanced lessons that a man requires to physically satisfy a woman. "If you learn how," sings Rihanna, the demanding tutor, "I'll stay."

But don't take away the impression that the album is strictly about unbridled carnality. These decidedly raunchy numbers are bookended by sweet songs about how Rihanna needs to find love, just like everybody else.

Having these two sides to balance ought to make her more interesting -- in theory. But if there's anything Rihanna's not about, it's complexity. Her songs are about either heart-breaking love or couch-busting sex, but never both, because the guys who write her songs have no vested interest in making that twain meet.

Regardless which side of the romance/raunch divide you fall on, you might agree that the salacious songs on "Talk That Talk" beat the sensitive ones hands-down. That's partly because her producer-writers seem more stimulated by sprucing up bedroom romps with interesting electronic textures than they are in rote R&B/rock power ballads.

And it's partly because Rihanna's affectless voice is better suited to conveying "naughty" than the greater demands of nice.

Early in the album, she does come up with a couple of key singles that manage to be fun and more or less family-friendly at the same time. On the Dr. Luke-co-produced "You Da One," Rihanna sings "I'm so happy that you came in my li-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-ife" with the same staccato, unmelismatic quality that made "Umbrella-ella-ella" hold water. She's boosted by a nifty arrangement that's halfway like her native neo-reggae before the beat kicks in with a cool kind of lurching electronica.

Also irresistible is "We Found Love," which offers a tender sentiment ("We found love in a hopeless place") that's all but negated by the gimmicky electronic crescendos that frequently interrupt the tune. These are moments tailor-made to prompt the DJ to spin the disco ball a little faster. But there's no hopeless place quite like the dance floor, right?

After these early highlights, though, you mostly have your pick between the lust songs, which are ludicrously crude but cleverly crafted, and the love songs, which might be more palatable but bear no personal stamp.

One positive thing you can say for sure about the album is that it's less dark and more high-spirited than the frequently ominous "Rated R" and "Loud." The club isn't a bad place to encounter her, and the album is at its musical best when it sticks to dance music. But with Rihanna's status as an icon and magnet for controversy, "fun" will always play second fiddle to what fans want to project onto her.

Many critical essays have and will be written on how Rihanna is presenting herself as a feminist role model in the wake of the Chris Brown scandal. Her last three albums, issued quickly and annually, have gotten increasingly sexually explicit and seem designed to present her as someone who's in control, not a victim. You can hardly accuse her of overplaying the vulnerability card to pander to post-beating public sentiment.

But if we're not going to get a vulnerable Rihanna, we might want a Rihanna whose sexual aggression is at least thought-out and personal, not just the product of a bunch of very smart guys crafting her songs and image.

Unfortunately, diving into "Talk That Talk" (or Rihanna's not terribly interesting interviews and tweets), you'll be hard-pressed to find too much self-directed depth to her rapidly emergent dominatrix side -- unless you're an overreaching rock critic. And/or really, really horny.

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slideshowUC Davis students put up new encampment

slideshowGlitzy Vietnam cemetery offers bling for the dead

AMA 2011 Pics

AMA 2011 Highlights

AMA 2011 Highlights
AMA 2011 Red Carpet
AMA 2011 Highlights

Mon Nov 21 05:05pm EST

Harvard Business School has a class on the marketing of LeBron James

By Eric Freeman

Harvard Business School has a class on the marketing of LeBron James

One of the weirder aspects of LeBron James'(notes) status is that people analyze him as a public figure just as much as they do his skills on the court. When James earned scorn for failing in the fourth quarter of games, the criticism was more about his failings than his inability to make a shot. The perception is that the same personal faults that led to "The Decision" is generally related to his problems winning a championship.

That's silly, not the least of which because "The Decision" was a marketing decision full of faulty plans and in-game issues tend to relate to decisions made on the fly, plus weird things like physical flaws in a shooting stroke or poor ballhandling. They're different enough, in fact, that one of the best business schools in the country has decided to analyze LeBron's marketing in depth. Shira Springer has the story for The Boston Globe (via PBT):

For 80 minutes, students discuss James and his brand, and debate his best marketing opportunities. By making James a case study, the course provides a compelling lesson in what can determine success or failure in the volatile world of celebrity marketing.

"When Harvard Business School approached us for a case study, it was a 'wow' moment,'' said Maverick Carter, a childhood friend and business partner of James.

James and his business partners happily cooperated with the research process, giving access and candid assessments of marketing choices, making the case study something of a page-turner.

The Miami Heat forward is but one study subject. Others include Lady Gaga, Real Madrid, Maria Sharapova, the NFL, Tom Cruise, and Radiohead. The course gives students virtual backstage

..5 Signs You're Headed for a Breakup


.By Healthy SELF, SELF Magazine

.Posts .By Healthy SELF, SELF Magazine
Love + Sex – Fri, Nov 18, 2011 2:53 PM EST



By April Hussar, SELF magazine

If your guy is suddenly saying no to potato chips and yes to the gym, you might want to ponder with whom, exactly, he's envisioning sharing this revamped physique -- it might not be you. And if you've been spending more time working out lately, you also might be contemplating the single life, according to a new study.

Related: 21 Good-For-You Snacks

The University of Heidleberg study -- which tracked over 2,000 people, ages 16 to 55 -- found that a coupled-up person's sudden interest in getting fit could indicate a desire to head for the hills. It also found that -- surprise! -- single people as a rule weigh less than those who are in relationships. (Ah yes, the old "love chub" theory.)

The conclusion, then, is that when we're thinking of making a break for it, we start slimming down and buffing up to prep for our re-entry into the dating world.

Dr. Ian Kerner, sex and relationships counselor and founder of, acknowledges that a sudden frenzy for fitness could be a warning sign in a certain context, but on its own, it could actually be a good thing. While Kerner has known "plenty" of people who go on "workout binges" right before -- or even months before -- a breakup, he says exercise enthusiasm can just as easily be about health and fitness, pure and simple.

"Losing weight or getting in shape on its own is definitely not an indicator that people want to break up; it's an indicator that they want to take care of themselves," Kerner says.

See more: Julianne Hough's Secrets for Staying Fit, Sexy and Satisfied

But, Kerner says, it's important to look at the big picture. Here are five signs that, alone or coupled with someone's sudden affinity for 6 a.m. elliptical sessions, indicate your twosome might be in troubled waters:

1. You don't have anything to talk about. If you find yourself bored and disinterested, or feel like he's not putting as much effort into conversations as he used to, Kerner says you're in shaky territory.

2. You don't care about the people who are important to him (and vice versa). If either of you starts showing a real lack of interest in your partner's friends and family, or stops making an effort to do things that are important to the other person, that's a clear sign at least one of you is checking out.

3. Someone's suddenly a workaholic. "Throwing yourself into work and making yourself a lot less accessible than you used to be," says Kerner, "or doing anything, really, that upsets the schedule and rhythm the two of you might have established together" -- is a clear warning sign.

4. You only seem to hang out in big groups. When romantic dinners for two turn into endless occasions for socializing, chances are there's a reason you're avoiding intimate moments as a couple.

5. You're not supporting each other. Is he making underhanded or passive aggressive comments that chip away at your confidence and self-esteem? Or do you find yourself belittling him in front of his friends or denigrating his ideas? In a healthy couple, each partner has the other's bac

Brandy denies she's upset with Kim Kardashian

Posted Tue, 2011-11-22 10:38 by Tracy Scott

1 Comment

1retweetBrandy has denied claims that she and Kim Kardashian clashed during filming of Tyler Perry’s The Marriage Counselor.

While reports surfaced that the two—connected by their relationships with Brandy’s brother, Ray J—were creating tension on the set, Brandy tweeted that things were all good.

"There is nothing going on between me and @KimKardashian! Nothing but LOVE for her!" Brandy tweeted.

However, it is also reported that Brandy wasn’t pleased with Kim’s casting because of Tyler’s motives.

The filmmaker recently released a statement admitting that Kim’s popularity was one reason he decided to cast her in the movie.

"One of my producers showed me pictures that his daughter had taken of several hundred kids lined up around the corner to get into a Kardashian store. They wanted to meet Kim," Tyler explained.

“She literally has millions of young people following her," he added, failing to mention her acting talent as a reason to hire her for the supporting role.

Some suggest Brandy is still holding a grudge against Kim, who co-starred with Ray J in the sex tape that first introduced the young socialite to the masses.

According to the National Enquirer, Brandy wondered if Tyler is using their strained relationship to bring more attention to his film.

"She feels that Tyler purposely cast both her and Kim in the film because it would generate a lot of buzz. She's told anyone who'll listen that she hates working with Kim and she doesn't want to be anywhere near her,” a source told the Enquirer.

 "Brandy has even asked the production people to give her a heads-up if Kim is on the set because she doesn't want to run into the wannabe movie star!"

Luckily for both women, they are done filming their parts in the movie. It remains to be seen whether Kim and Brandy will tour together when promotion begins.

Watch as Wendy Williams discusses the feud.

—Tracy L. Scott

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3 Tony's, Hosea Feed The Hungry and great music!

Image Detail

By: Denise Young
Last night at Center Stage located in the heart of Atlanta one of the hottest groups in the 1990’s Tony! Toni! Toné performed for Hosea Feed the Hungry to raise money for families in need. Hosea Feed The Hungry and Homeless follows the principle that education and self-help must fortify charity work so recipients learn to break the cycle of poverty. HFTH prevents homelessness by providing rent, mortgage, and utility assistance, financial literacy and GED classes, distribution of school supplies and book bags to children, annual Christmas children’s party, intensive case management and support to programs to teach recipients how to develop small businesses and co-ops while providing leadership training to independent farmers.

I can say I was a little excited about seeing this American Soul/R&B group Tony! Toni! Toné! The group is from Oakland, California, that was popular during the late 1980s and early to mid 1990s. During the band's heyday, it was composed of D'wayne Wiggins on lead vocals and guitar, his brother Raphael Saadiq (born Charles Ray Wiggins) on lead vocals and bass, and their cousin Timothy Christian Riley on drums. Other members were Elijah Baker, Carl Wheeler, Randall Wiggins, and Amar Khalil, who is the current lead singer of the group, and Antron Haile. However, last night the lead singer was the cousin of D’wayne,I know I was the only one that thought Raphael Saadiq was going to come out on the stage and rock it. But, nevertheless the concert was great and I enjoyed it! Take a look at some of the footage that I captured last night, hope you enjoy! And please support Hosea Feed the Hungry !For more information about Hosea Feed the Hungry please go to their website.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Overweight Lover dies.....Will be missed


Rap pioneer Heavy D passed away on November 8, and SPIN likes to remember him more that just hip-hop's ever-suave nice-guy and the ladies man behind megahits like "Nuttin' But Love." The 44-year-old rapper had a wide-reaching impact on hip-hop, and his presence cut a smooth line from Marley Marl's raw sample science through Puff Daddy's pop reign — and, in between, stopped everywhere from Jamaica to Neverland Ranch. Take a look back at 15 hits, detours, and other songs that owe him gratitude to grasp the full impact of Waterbed Hev.
1. Heavy D & The Boyz - "The Overweight Lover's in the House" (1987)
Over a vintage Marley Marl smacker, the second single off Heavy D's debut established Hev as one of the most formidable rhymers of hip-hop's golden era: A silky-soft playboy whispering in a girl's ear by the fireplace… but not so soft that he won't totally stomp her boyfriend. Alongside Big Daddy Kane, Heavy helped establish the smooth badass: Drake should thank him sooner than later.

2. Heavy D & The Boyz - "We Got Our Own Thang" (1989)
Simultaneously Teddy Riley's suavest, most utterly-impossible-not-to-Cabbage Patch-along-to beat (built on a surgically supercharged sample of James Brown's "Funky President") and Heavy D's suavest, most utterly-impossible-not-to-flow-along-to jabberwocky ("Bum-deedlee-deedlee-deedlee-deedlee-deedlee-dee!").

3. Heavy D & The Boyz - "Now That We Found Love" ft. Aaron Hall (1991)
Hip-house had played itself out years earlier and new jack swing was wearing itself thin. But Heavy and Teddy Riley still found the missing link between Yo! MTV Raps and Club MTV, due in no short part to Hev's manic fast-raps on this locomotive of a track. Ultimately it garnered Heavy D his highest charting song, landing at No. 11 on Billboard.

4. Michael Jackson - "Jam" (1992)
"Jam" was Michael Jackson's very first acknowledgment that rap was changing the pop universe that he had dominated for a decade. Jacko naturally requested Heavy, one of hip-hop's greatest pop ambassadors, for a tight four bars. Jackson played Heavy a song and, as Hev told Shade 45, "One of the hardest things I ever had to do was tell Michael Jackson 'that’s kinda wack.' Heavy recommended maybe hooking up Teddy Riley instead… and HIStory was made.

5. Heavy D & The Boyz- "Nuttin' But Love" (1994)
The story goes that Russell Simmons wouldn't sign Heavy D to Def Jam way back when due to his plus-size frame, lazy eye, and smoothed-out club jams. Of course, the Hevster not only had the last laugh by never turning into a babbling capitalist shill or self-help yogi goofball, he actually became a crossover sex symbol with a cheeky hit video (produced by Russell Simmons protégé Brett Ratner!) full of supermodels that he never had to marry or indulge with a train wreck reality show. Produced by boisterous New York City DJ Kid Capri, "Nuttin' " was an undulating, pop-funk marvel, and the video remains a historic hoot — starring Chris Tucker (sporting an orange touring cap, Hawaiian shirt, and pearls!), plus the aforementioned bevy of "yeah, whateva" catwalkers, including Cynthia Bailey from Real Housewives of Atlanta and Rebecca Gayheart, a.k.a., the "Noxema Girl," a.k.a. Dylan's wife on Beverly Hills 90210, a.k.a., squeeze of director Ratner. Later, Ratner was brought on to direct Tucker's Money Talks, due to their meeting on the "Nuttin' But Love" set. Hey, don't blame, Hev.

Mariah Carey Disses Kim Kardashian?

Mariah Carey Disses Kim Kardashian?Showing off her incredible post-baby body, Mariah Carey graces the cover of this week's Us Weekly -- and apparently she read last week's cover story, too!
The slimmed-down singer and mom to twins made a not-so-subtle joke about Kim Kardashian's quickie divorce at a press conference held at the Four Seasons in NYC, where Carey was unveiled as the new ambassador for Jenny (formerly Jenny Craig).
PHOTOS: Mariah and Nick's love story
"I'm a real person, I'm not going to put on a fake face for Hollywood," Carey told the crowd as she dished on her marriage to hubby Nick Cannon, with whom she shares six-month-old twins Moroccan and Monroe.
PHOTOS: Oops! Kim's doomed wedding
"Sometimes we make each other mad, that's why we aren't divorced after four months," she cracked. The crowd audibly gasped after that remark. The most notorious quickie divorce these days, of course, is 31-year-old Kardashian, who filed Oct. 31 after just 72 days of matrimony with Kris Humphries.
Looking sheepish after her crack, the "Butterfly" singer said, "I'm sorry, I'm just saying."
VIDEO: Kris and Kim talk babies in happier times
Looking back on the earlier days of her career she added, "You know, I had a situation in the past where I was controlled, and I was really young, and it affected the way I trusted people. I had no team, besides my dog and my cat. Me and Nick we always joke, I'm an Aries, I need so much attention!"
For much more of our cover story on Mariah's incredible transformation -- her body ups and downs, a sample menu and workout plan, adorable new snapshots of the babies, what Nick thinks of her new body and whether she'll lose more weight -- pick up the new Us Weekly, on stands Friday!
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Love of Hip Hop!

Olivia talks 'Love & Hip Hop' season 2
Olivia has gotten a little better at dealing with drama while she pursues her dreams on season 2 of "Love & Hip Hop."
"I'm the one who always tries to keep a level head," said Olivia, who has repaired her relationship with Emily Bustamente since their falling out at the season 1 reunion of the show.
But does this new attitude mean that everything is going to go smoothly this season? Not so much. Anyone who's seen the supertrailer knows that this cycle will pack quite a punch. "Season 2 is filled with many different things, and I'm not going to say they're wonderful," Olivia said with a laugh. "But there are many different things."
See what else she had to say in the video below!

Nicki Minaj to rap for VS
Nicki Minaj is going to be working the runway for Victoria's Secret! And no, she won't be modeling. reports that Nicki Minaj has joined the lineup of musical acts for the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, airing November 29 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.
She joins Cee Lo Green, Maroon 5 and Kanye West for the uber-glamourous gig. Now only one question remains: Will she get to wear a pair of wings?
ASCAP to honor Monica
Monica is about to get her due from ASCAP. reports that Monica will be one of several women honored at the third annual Women Behind The Music Series.
The ceremony, where Janelle Monae and others will also be acknowledged, is set for November 9 in New York.
The announcement comes just as Monica has released the cover of her upcoming album, New Life.


LaLa V speaks up for Kim K
LaLa Vazquez is sticking by her BFF Kim Kardashian as she dissolves her marriage to Kris Humphries.
“I talk to her every single day—she’s one of my best friends,” LaLa told UsWeekly.

“Any time someone is going through a divorce it’s a difficult time, but I’m here for her as her friend."
LaLa said her hubby Carmelo Anthony is also offering Kim his support. "Melo‘s here for her as her friend and you know whatever she needs we’ve got her back. It’s hard [for her] right now. It’s difficult.”

Whitney Houston talks Sparkle
Legendary singer Whitney Houston said working on the remake of the classic film Sparkle is more than what she imagined.
“We are putting our hearts and our souls into this project, and as it progresses, it’s bigger than we thought just from what we’re experiencing as a vibe as a feeling,” said Whitney, who didn’t have to think long about joining the project.
“For me, it was just like, ‘What do I have to do?’” she told “Entertainment Tonight.”
Whitney also talked about working with Jordin Sparks. Watch.

—Sonya Eskridge and Tracy L. Scott

T.O owes Child Support!

T.O. owes $29,617 in monthly child support with no income
Terrell Owens is sorting through a big financial mess that has him trying to lower his child support payments.
The out-of-work NFL player has four kids to take care of, which wasn't a huge problem when he was signed to a team. But now that he's been sidelined, making those hefty child support payments has gotten harder. reports that T.O. is currently in court with three of his babymamas trying to reduce the substantial monthly payments. "My currently monthly income is zero ($0)," he states in requests to lower his monthly payouts yet again. There's no word on whether Terrell's earnings from "The T.O. Show" are being factored into that claim.
He owes Monique Reynolds, the mother of his 11-year-old son, $11, 202 a month. That's down from the $20,000 per month order he'd been paying prior to 2010.
T.O.'s also been paying Kimberly Floyd, with whom he has a 7-year-old daughter, $15,000 a month since 2008. He'd originally been ordered to pay Kim $20,000 a month in 2005.
The mother of T.O.'s 5-year-old son, Samelia Miller, is currently receiving $13,400 a month from the pro athlete.
The only babymama that T.O. is not battling over child support with is Melanie Paige Smith, whom he's been paying $5,000 a month since 2007.
That all adds up to Terrell paying out $29, 617 in child support per month. In all he shelled out $355, 044 to his babymamas last year. That's not including the $100,000 he gave Monique for a new home.
Court documents show that Terrell pays about $62,366 per month for a number of different properties, and he claims that his Georgia home is in foreclosure. However, Terrell's willing to sell all but two of his houses.
A rep for the pro baller said that it's all part of Terrell's responsibility as a father. "He has tried to keep paying all of these mothers what they were used to year after year, basically putting himself into a financial crisis," the rep said. "He has always paid his child support payments and loves his kids."

—Sonya Eskridge