Monday, August 17, 2015

Recap for season Finale of Power

OMG, did you see the season finale of Power? Well, I will say Ghost Aka James is going to have alot of problems for next season. James “Ghost” St. Patrick has always viewed himself as more than just a drug dealer. He aspires to succeed as a true businessman, as a life of illegal activity usually concludes with incarceration or death.
Season 2 of Power has thematically highlighted the Ghost “happily ever after” fantasy. I am over Ghost and this love affair with Angela. Really, is he going to ride into the sunset with his high school sweetheart, overseeing his (now legit) businesses without a care in the world. Unfortunately for him, reality was far more a big mess than before. The ominous title of this episode, “Ghost is Dead” represents the endgame for James St. Patrick. Ghost must die in order for James St. Patrick to live. His exit strategy needs flawless execution in order to succeed. 
The season finale of Power brought us the culmination of Ghost’s plan, and the repercussions of his actions will provide the foundation for a hectic season 3. What do you think about the season Finale? I have alot to say about how this season ended and have alot of questions? What is going to happen to marriage of Ghost? Relationship with Tommy and Ghost? And now that everyone wants to kill James/Ghost how will he get out of this? And not even to mention that 50 cent got away! Really to much is going to be going on for the sake of love? Cannot wait for season 3 in 2016!
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