Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Katy Perry Goes Full Urkel on 'Last Friday Night' Cover

Nerd alert: The usually quite glamorous Katy Perry has boldly plucked the chic out of "geek chic" on the cover of her new disc of remixes forTeenage Dream single "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)." This girl went straight past Rivers Cuomo, skipped overGhost World, and headed straight to Steve Urkel.Idolator and The Amp were both thinking of the quintessential teen dork played by Jaleel White when we caught a glimpse of "T.G.I.F." -- especially since that was ABC's nickname for its Friday-night block of kids TV shows in the early '90s that included Family Matters. The artwork also bears a striking resemblance to the board game Girl Talk. Either way: fond memories of the decade during which 26-year-old Perry came of age. 
Perry's other signature looks have included sexy pinup girlsexy candy angel, and sexy alien, but she's never hit a stage or a red carpet in any condition other than "very camera-ready." Since pop stars don't often take the opportunity to uglify themselves on a national stage, we applaud Perry for embracing her inner Jerri Blank here and falling on her tweezers for a laugh. (Granted, her quite glam cover of Vanity Fair hit the web today, too.)

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