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Top 5 things that drive men crazy

Top 5 things that drive men crazy

Men love women. They do. But that doesn’t mean women don’t drive them crazy. Even after oceans of ink have been spilled about how the two sexes can better understand and accept each other, women still find ways to annoy men — and vice versa. Here are the top five ways she’s making you crazy right now. Ladies, are you guilty of any of these irritating behaviors?

1. Game-playing/manufacturing drama. There are lots of ways to create drama and excitement in a relationship, but men aren’t usually fans — unless said excitement involves clothing removal. “Asking too much too soon about his past relationships” is one way women drive men nuts and create drama, says Dr. Linda R. Young, Ph.D., a psychologist and relationship coach who blogs for Psychology Today. Making him late by taking too long to get ready is another. Getting irrationally jealous over platonic friends or running hot, then cold with no explanation are just a few more.

Whether the drama is minor or significant, men would rather skip it. “I think these [behaviors] exist because men and women don’t have the skills to live beyond the ‘game-playing’ they learned as adolescents, which is perpetuated by the media,” explains Marni Battista, expert dating coach and founder of “It takes an entire toolkit of advanced skills to create truly win-win situations in relationships. A person who doesn’t have these skills will always go to those old ‘default’ tendencies to fill the void.” And thus, drama is born.

Ask yourself: Have I recently thrown either an object or a tantrum? If the answer is “yes,” you might be a drama queen. Take it down a notch by talking to your partner about why you’re feeling so angry and exactly what you need to feel calmer in the relationship. If you’re the one dealing with a drama queen, tell her you’re happy to discuss problems like an adult but you’re not interested in entertaining a whole restaurant with her shenanigans. If she doesn’t calm down, tell her to audition for a reality show and leave you alone.

2. Expecting the man to pay for everything. Most men don’t mind picking up the check early on in a courtship, but after a few dates, it’s nice for a woman to offer to contribute financially — especially if exclusivity has been established. Men like to be generous, but they don’t like to be taken for suckers, especially if the woman they’re seeing has a good job. As a corollary to this one, “Men are often put off by women trying to get a sense early on about what he does for a living and how much he earns,” says Dr. Seth Meyers, a Los Angeles-based psychologist and author of Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription. Men are people, too. If they feel they’re being sized up for more shallow, resume-type qualities, they’ll be annoyed.

3. “Wanting to know ‘where the relationship is going’ before he’s ready to say, or before he knows himself,” is a big one, according to Dr. Young. Dating is supposed to be a chance to get to know another person. It’s not a guarantee of finding a certain kind of relationship, and women who treat it this way drive men nuts. It’s almost as if the woman is selling herself short — after all, you can’t help but ask why a lady would want some kind of commitment from someone she doesn’t really know yet. Why is her “audition process” so short? Likewise, “Men often get bothered with women asking or talking about their beliefs about marriage and children early in the dating process,” observes Meyers. It puts too much pressure on what should be the fun part of getting to know someone when the end goal is the only thing a woman wants to focus on.

If the relationship isn’t likely to blossom into something steady and he’s upfront about that, a man wants the woman to hear what he’s saying and take him at face value. “Men are frustrated by women who don’t really believe them when they say, ‘I’m not in a place to have a relationship, but I really like hanging out with you,’” says Battista. “A man will give this ‘disclaimer’ and then be irritated when the woman finds she can’t change him, then begins to get angry that he hasn’t met her expectations.” If a woman wants to know how a man really feels and then gets hysterical after an honest response, it’s enough to — you guessed it — drive him crazy.

4. Being controlling. “Correcting him on little details when he’s got the big picture right,” adds Dr. Young, is another thing that drives men bonkers. It’s often true that women are better at multitasking, but that doesn’t mean they have to run every detail of the show. A man will get frustrated if a woman asks him to do something then won’t give him a chance to do it his way. The real show-stopper is when she then claims she “has to do everything around here!” If this situation sounds familiar, how can you improve it?

“If you want to put a stop to people’s annoying behavior, you first have to make them aware of it,” says Marc Muchnick, Ph.D., author of No More Regrets! 30 Ways to Greater Happiness and Meaning in Your Life. “Often, people don’t realize that what they are doing is bugging you, so when you tell them, it may come as a surprise.” So tell your significant other that she has to trust you if she doesn’t want to plan every meal, vacation and weekend you spend together, guys. Then do a good job with the task — in your own way, of course — and she just might back off.

5. Not getting enough “guy time.” In ancient cultures, men often spent most of their time with other men while the women socialized with each other. That, as we all know, has changed. And it’s hard for some men to accept. They want their guy time, and it’s rough when women don’t respect that. As long as “guys’ night out” isn’t a code for regularly losing thousands of dollars gambling or paying for strippers, men deserve to have time with their male friends. Deciding exactly how much time is appropriate should be left up to each couple. Remind her that time spent away from each other means the time you do have together will be that much richer — especially with funny stories about the ridiculous thing your buddy Paulie did last weekend. The key is, be reasonable. If you want more guy time than gal time, maybe having a wife or a girlfriend isn’t in the cards for you.

Beauty tip of the day

Gabrielle Union

Glowing Skin
With the cold weather behind us, give dry winter skin the boot and prep your complexion for warmer temps. For a radiant glow like Gabrielle Union's, be sure to exfoliate once a week to get rid of dead skin cells, but try not to go overboard—too much scrubbing can strip the skin and make it look dull. Hydrated skin always has a lit-from-within appearance, so follow with a rich lotion that isn’t too heavy. If your skin is clear, skip the foundation for a tinted moisturizer. Thanks to the lightweight coverage and added SPF, it's a must as summer approaches.

Jaleel White Responds To Ex's Abuse Allegations

Image Detail

(CNN) -- "Dancing with the Stars" competitor Jaleel White has responded to an ex-girlfriend's claims that he was physically abusive toward her.

The actor - best known for portraying Steve Urkel on "Family Matters" - told E! News in a statement that while he "would love to go detail for detail refuting [Bridget] Hardy's claims about the specifics of what was our relationship," he can't: "The family court judge made it very clear to me any public discussion of our case and ordeal would be held against me in a court of law," he explained.

Hardy, who is the mother of White's young daughter, told Star magazine recently that White became violent during a 2010 incident when she confronted him about being unfaithful. Police did look into the allegations at the time, but concluded there wasn't enough to warrant the City Attorney's Office to "take a look."

Earlier this week, Hardy told Star that White allegedly "hit me across the chest area," and "pushed me into the toilet and it broke...Water went everywhere, through the walls and even into the kitchen downstairs."

But the 35-year-old actor has said he believes Hardy's allegations are oddly timed.

"The allegations made against me back in 2010 have suspiciously resurfaced in time to coincide with my new show on Syfy and 'Dancing with the Stars,'" he told E!. "Ms. Hardy's attempts at greater sums of money above and beyond child support have continued now for two years...I'm assuming I have not received her votes these past Monday nights."

In the end, the actor said, the only thing he cares about is the well-being of his daughter.

"My only hope is that when my daughter Googles her parents one day in her future, she sees that her father acted with class and dignity when pressed to the fire," he said. "Bridget Hardy is the mother of my only daughter in this world and without Ms. Hardy I would not have the treasure that is my daughter. God knows the truth, the authorities swift dismissal of her police report are two years in my past. I ask for your sensitivity during this time; I can assure all of my fans this is only residue from a child custody matter."

5 Foods that fight Depression

Feeling blue? Many people seek comfort from favorite foods like chocolate kisses, salty chips, and pillowy pastries when they're feeling down. But if you really want to boost your mood, make different choices, nutritionists say. Although clinical depression is a serious illness that requires treatment beyond nutrition, changing what you eat can help beat garden-variety blues caused by stress, and will boost low energy, too.
"We reach for what we think will make us feel better, but we too often wind up making ourselves feel worse in the long run," says Beth Reardon, director of nutrition at Duke University's Duke Integrative Medicine. The wrong foods can cause physiological reactions that intensify symptoms such as lethargy, irritability, and cravings. Meanwhile the right foods -- like the following five -- can stabilize blood sugar, eliminate mood swings, and boost neurotransmitters in the brain, all factors that influence your emotions.

Try these smart choices when your mood needs a little boost.

Eat it for: The B vitamins and protein. Egg yolks are the vitamin-B-rich part of the egg.
Other examples: Lean beef, wheat germ, fish, poultry
Why they help: A diet rich in B vitamins can help lessen the severity of depression symptoms. B vitamins, especially B-6 and B-12, can help improve neural function -- the way the neurotransmitters of the brain send signals, which helps govern mood. There's also a growing link between vitamin B deficiency and depression. A 2010 study of 3,000 older adults followed over 12 years found that those with lower intake of these vitamins had a higher risk of depression, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The protein in eggs (as with lean meats) helps you feel satisfied longer, stabilizing blood sugar. And eggs can be consumed in a variety of ways, from scrambled to used as a French toast batter to boiled and chopped up as a salad topper -- so long as you go easy on the accompanying animal products that are high in saturated fats, like bacon or butter.
Go to to find more foods that may help.

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Looks who hooked up now:Rihanna and Ashton

Rihanna Goes To Ashton Kutcher’s Home For Late Night Sex (Photo)
Racist Rihanna And Douchebag Ashton Kutcher Vie For Biggest Pig

Britain's "The Sun" newspaper reported Monday that Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher have been seeing each other for eight weeks.

Clearly, American tabloids aren't being aggressive, obnoxious and pushy enough, if a British paper knows this first. As Americans, we should all be embarrassed.

The 24-year-old singer hit if off with the "Two and a Half Men" actor at a mutual friend's house party in Los Angeles in December. The singer is apparently so smitten with Kutcher that she asked about joining his Kabbalah group.

The pair have reportedly been meeting up for a series of late-night trysts after the singer returned to LA to record her latest album. She dropped in at his mansion around midnight Thursday and stayed for four hours before being taken away in a car.

That's right - she left in a car. Scandalous.

One source said: "The flirting began as soon as Rihanna and Ashton met and swapped numbers. That moved on to texts and arranging to meet. They snuck off to a Santa Monica hotel a few weeks ago."

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Single parents: No time for love?

Single parents: No time for love?
Today was my lucky day: I met Eric in line at the DMV. Funny, smart, with a sexy smile, great hands. Both of us loved camping, hated hot weather and had always wanted to try country line-dancing. Yes, we were definitely into each other. Only, there was one problem: The absolute soonest I could schedule him in for an intimate, candlelit, who-knows-where-this-will-lead date was, well, three weeks from now. At 8:15 a.m. And that was assuming my 13-year-old daughter wouldn’t have a homework crisis or catch the flu.

Sound frustrating? Welcome to the dating life of a single parent — a scheduling nightmare that could make even the most optimistic person wonder if there’s really time for romance when you’re raising kids on your own. But according to some dating pros and savvy single parents I talked to, there are ways to have a vibrant love life without compromising family time. So dig that date-night outfit out of the back of your closet and read on.

Hunt for prospects from home
Sure, it would be nice to scope out potential mates at a party or the local coffee place. But just because your kids need you at home doesn’t mean you can’t do a little romantic networking — that’s what computers are for. You can always carve out a few minutes in your day to browse and respond to online personal ads, join discussion groups or community chat rooms, or even just email your friends asking if they know of anyone who’s looking. When some time had passed after his divorce, Boston-based Mark, 52, sent out an email saying he was interested in dating again. He zapped it to everyone on his distribution list, inviting his friends to email his query to five more people. Since he cast such a wide net, pretty soon he was setting up dates to meet women left and right — all by computer, while staying home with his 14-year-old daughter. “If you’re a single parent, the best thing about the Internet is that you can keep it all quite private from your kids,” says advice columnist April Masini. “You can go online when the kids are asleep, and you can easily set up dates for yourself by email.”

Browse Local Singles at on Yahoo!
Don’t wait to date in the evening hours
Sure, it’s the time most people consider heading out to a restaurant or movie with a new love interest. But for single parents, that’s usually prime bonding time with their kids — so why not shift romance to an earlier hour? Think breakfast. Or lunch. Or anytime your kids are in school or daycare. Added bonus: Daytime dates won’t feel as high-stakes as an evening get-together; you’re both likely to be more relaxed over bagels than beef bourguignon. But be careful to clarify that your preference for daytime dating isn’t meant as a diss — it’s just that it’s the only free time you’ve got. “Saturday night isn’t the only time for romance,” says Kate, a 40-ish marketing exec in Dayton. “You can even get together in the middle of the afternoon when you’re running errands just to hold hands and smooch a little.”

Or for an evening rendezvous, skip the babysitter
It’s no fun to come home to a babysitter who needs a ride home, which forces you to wake the kids and cart them along in the car. (And, for some of us, just finding an available babysitter can be a major undertaking, involving all kinds of phone tag.) So instead, send them to a friend’s house for an overnight stay, suggests Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author of The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again. To avoid feeling like you’re imposing on other parents, propose it as a swap — an option that’ll be appealing to any parent, especially those who are also raising kids solo and are probably dying for a night out (just like you are).

Keep your kids occupied
Even if your kids are old enough to stay home alone (and of course, each parent will make his or her own decision about when exactly that is), it can be hard to tear yourself away if they’re looking to you to keep them occupied. This was a challenge often faced by Jeff, a father of two teenagers in New York who shares custody of them with his ex-wife. “They’re both old enough to be left alone, but when they’re bored, they tend to be clingy, which makes me less inclined to date,” Jeff admits. “I feel like I should be home, entertaining them. And I couldn’t blame them for being bored. Most of their stuff was back at my ex’s house.” So Jeff invested in some DVDs, games and craft kits. He also encourages his kids to invite their friends over. “I feel better about leaving them home alone when I know they’re busy and happy to be there,” he says.

Get your kids to play matchmaker
We’re not saying your child should literally set you up on dates. We’re just saying that the activities you do with them can be prime opportunities to meet other people. Whether you’re cheering them on at an intramural soccer game or expanding their horizons at the local science museum, look around you: see someone cute with no wedding ring on? Why not approach that person and say, “You seem to be as interested in astronomy as my son is,” and let things develop from there? “Wherever you find kids, you’re likely to find some single parents, too,” says Masini.

Try dating other parents
You may find that dating is a much more manageable proposition if you’re involved with another single parent. As any single mom or dad knows, the world seems to be divided into those with kids and those who just don’t understand why you can’t catch the 9:40 showing of The Brothers Grimm when your daughter is running a 104-degree fever. “When I dated Dwayne, a childless guy who was five years younger, I was a walking zombie because of all the late nights,” says Lisa Cohn, coauthor of One Family, Two Family, New Family: Stories And Advice For Stepfamilies. “I found that dating men with children who understood my situation was a lot easier than dating childless men who wanted me to stay up dancing with them all night.”

We’re not saying you should limit your dating pool exclusively to single parents, but if you are craving some like-minded company, there are organizations specifically for that purpose, like Parents Without Partners (check out to learn more and locate a chapter near you). They offer discussions, professional speakers, study groups and (yes!) social activities, with and without kids — the perfect opportunity to connect with someone new.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom:New Issue Tearing Marriage Apart

Image Detail
Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are totally in love, but a new issue that started after they moved to Dallas has the potential to tear them apart!

Khloe, 27, and Lamar, 32, are spending too much time together and it’s causing a rift in their relationship, can EXCLUSIVELY report.
“One of the main reasons the relationship is having trouble, which in turn is also hurting his game, is they are spending more time with each other,” our source said. “When Lamar was in Los Angeles, she was distracted with her family and Hollywood outings with friends and work. He could devote his time with the Lakers and doing his own thing. But they are now both fish out of water in Dallas and there are less outlets to get away from each other, which is having a strain on their relationship. They have no absence from each other to make the heart grow fonder. When they were in L.A. and did the show, it was a reward because that is when they would see each other — but now it’s too much.”
Luckily, we hear that there is no split on the horizon.
“A divorce will not happen anytime soon,” our source said. “They just need a break from hanging out all the time.”
Do YOU think Khloe and Lamar can make their marriage work, Southern Belle Dish?


One of the most dramatic women on the show will not be returning for the third season — find out why!

Camille Grammer Left Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Because She's Too "Demanding"


Camille Grammer has decided to quit The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills.

Camille, 43, wants to keep her private life private, PEOPLE reports.
“She’s been in discussions and at the end decided she wasn’t willing to expose her personal life anymore,” a source close to her says. “She’s at peace with her decision. She’s in a great place in her life right now. She’s grown a lot in this past year and she’s made some wonderful friendships [on the show]. It has steered her life in a direction she never imagined. She’s ready for new challenges.”

Kim Kardashian flour bombed

By Mike Krumboltz, Yahoo!
Fri, Mar 23, 2012, 7:00 am PDT

Kim Kardashian was flour bombed at a red carpet event for new fragrance, True Reflection, on Thursday night. The reality star had just finished posing for photographers when a woman approached Kim and proceeded to dump the bag of white powder (believed to be flour) on Kim's head. A witness told Access Hollywood that Kim was "shocked."

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Trayvon Martin

SANFORD, Fla. - Thousands gathered here Thursday night for a rally with some of the nation's best-known luminaries to demand an arrest in the fatal shooting last month of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin by a neighborhood watch captain.
See Also: Angela Corey Appointed State Attorney on Trayvon Martin Case
"Twenty-six days ago this young man, Trayvon Martin, did nothing criminal, did nothing unethical," said Al Sharpton, president of the National Action Network. "He went to the store for his brother. He came back and lost his life. Trayvon could have been any one of our sons, he could have been any one of us. Trayvon represents a reckless disregard for our lives that we've seen for too long."
Sharpton said the watch captain, George Zimmerman, "should have been arrested that night."
See Also: Local Rally at Landing Planned for Trayvon Martin
"You cannot defend yourself against a pack of Skittles and an iced tea." Trayvon, the unarmed, black teenager, had a bag of Skittles candy and a bottle of iced tea when he was killed, and those items have become symbols at protests here and elsewhere.
Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon's family, told the crowd that Florida Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, has appointed another prosecutor to review the case. He said Scott named Angela Corey, the state attorney for the Jacksonville area, to take over the investigation, after the local state attorney, Norman Wolfinger, recused himself from the case.
Among others joining them at the rally were: activist and comedian Dick Gregory; Martin Luther King III, eldest son of the late civil rights leader; radio talk-show hosts Michael Baisden, Joe Madison and Mark Thompson; NACP national President Benjamin Jealous; former New York governor David Patterson; television's Judge Greg Mathis; relatives of the late civil rights icon Rosa Parks, and Trayvon's parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.
"Trayvon is my son. Trayvon is your son," Fulton said. "We want justice for Trayvon."
"He didn't deserve to die," said Tracy Martin. "I pledge I will not let my son die in vain."
George Zimmerman: Neighborhood watch captain involved in shooting death of Trayvon Martin
Mathis found in the slaying a divine message: God "wants our black youth to fight back against racial profiling ... by going to the polls this November."
Erik Melear, 61, drove up from Orlando with his son, Evan, 15. "We came because what's happening is wrong," said Melear, who is white. "Justice needs to be done. All he did was wear a hoodie. That could have been my son. He wears a hoodie all the time."
U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown, a Democrat whose congressional district includes Sanford, said Trayvon's death "has to be a teachable moment for us because there is no good ending."
"I only want one thing, and it's real simple. I want an arrest," Brown said. "We can't change the outcome, but we can make sure the system is fair."
When the audience booed Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett - the only white politician on the stage - Brown reminded them that it was Triplett who released the 911 tapes of the Feb. 26 shooting.
Underlying this case is Florida's controversial Stand Your Ground law, passed by the Legislature in 2005. State Rep. Mia Jones, a Democrat, said she and 23 other African-American state legislators will immediately begin trying to repeal the law.
Seanta McClendon, 45, drove about an hour from her home in Rockledge, Fla., for the rally. "I am the mother of a Trayvon," she said. "He's a student at Central Michigan University, and he wears a hoodie all the time."
McClendon, who is black, said the shooting of Trayvon "touched a nerve" in the nation. "I think people relate to a 17-year-old," she said. "It could have been any of us. It could have been any of our children, any of our family.
"My heart is in this. I can't stop crying."
USA Today

R. Kelly set to revisit 'Trapped in the Closet'

R. Kelly
Ready for more salacious drama, singsong monologues and hilarious antics from Sylvester, Twan and Pimp Lucius? Good, because Grammy-winning R&B king R. Kelly is finally revisiting his cult classic “Trapped in the Closet.”
The singer’s campy hip-hopera originally began as a five-video series to accompany the melodramatic segment of songs on his 2005 disc, “TP.3 Reloaded.” Fan demand made the singer add more and more chapters, and roll out the accompanying videos on DVD.
He’s again teaming up with IFC to premiere the latest in the saga and promises the new installments will be out of this world. Considering the first 22 chapters featured an extremely complicated storyline that featured sexual exploits, little people and a mysterious package, it's impossible to doubt Kelly.
“The Alien is back and It has brought friends along. When I first began experiencing the unknown journey of writing 'Trapped in the Closet' I knew after the first chapter that I had tapped into something that was not of this earth. And being the nosy person that I am, I more than anyone wanted to know what the second chapter would be,” he said in a statement. “And now here we are at chapter 23, trapped in the million dollar question -- what the hell is the package? Well ladies and gentlemen not only am I ready to reveal what the package is, but I have many more chapters to share. I hope you're as excited as I am. Ok ‘Trapped in the Closet’ fans put on your seatbelts ‘cause ‘Trapped in the Closet’ is coming to take you away.”Kelly will continue to executive produce, write, star and co-direct the series, set to air later this year on IFC. The singer is also readying his upcoming album “Write Me Back.”

Editor's Pick for Oscar's 2012

Kristen Wiig - J. Mendel - Oscars 2012

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig, who is nominated for her Bridesmaids script, chose a nude tulle strapless gown with woven bodice and hand pleated layered skirt by J. Mendel. Neil Lane jewelry, a Judith Leiber clutch and a dark manicure accessorized her look.
Milla Jovovich - Elie Saab Couture - Oscars

Milla Jovovich

"I just fell in love with this dress. It's clean and elegant," Milla Jovovich said of her sequin Elie Saab Couture gown. The first-time presenter accessorized her silver design with Jacob & Co. jewels and an Edie Parker box clutch.
 Gwyneth Paltrow - Tom Ford - Oscars

Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow wowed in white. She accessorized her Tom Ford gown and dramatic floor length cape with an Anna Hu Haute Joaillerie diamond cuff and ring, Jimmy Choo shoes and a sleek low ponytail
George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

"I love when they say, 'Who are you wearing?,'" Best Leading Actor nominee George Clooney said, jokingly, on the red carpet. Clooney wore a Giorgio Armani suit for the event, while his girlfriend, Stacy Keibler, chose a champagne-hued, off-the-shoulder Marchesa gown, which she paired with a Judith Leiber clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

13 Easy Hair Ideas For Every Length

A great haircut is just half the battle. What about how to style it each and every morning? Check out these thirteen easy hairstyle ideas from stars like Gabrielle Union, Emma Stone, and Rooney Mara and get ready to rock ponytails, buns, updos and more. Go  to,,20574105_20576274_21129907,00.html for more fab styles.

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Willow Smith and her Style

She recently debuted her dyed green hair by posting a series of sunny images to her Instagram account.

And it seems Willow Smith hasn't done overhauling her image just yet.

I love the style! And the act letting young girls express their stlye check this out:
The 11-year-old daughter of actor Will and Jada Smith stepped out wearing a pair of designer wedge trainers in New York, which she accessorised with an origami style black jacket.

Willow showcased her highly individual taste as she visited superstar singer Beyoncé and her new baby Blue.Question, would you let you baby girl cut her hair? Do you like it?

Willow Smith, in a pair of Adidas Y-3 heels by Yohji Yamamoto, seen shopping around Soho in New York City
She's out there: Willow Smith showed off her highly individual style as she visited Beyoncé and baby daughter Blue in New York yesterday

Bold move: Willow made a fashion statement as she stepped out in New York
Bold move: Willow made a fashion statement as she stepped out in New York

Optical illusion: Willow teamed her Yohji Yamamoto heel-less shoes with a simple outfit of skinny jeans and a black jacket
Optical illusion: Willow teamed her Yohji Yamamoto heel-less shoes with a simple outfit of skinny jeans and a black jacket

She wrote on her Twitter page: 'I am regular person…. forget that…
'Nobody has a PICTURE PERFECT life… I am still just a child…'

In an interview with The Sunday Times it was revealed that because of music career - Willow also acts - she no longer attends school.

She has a tutor but admitted her friends are ahead of her because she is too busy for lessons.

Fashionable kid: Willow headed off for some shopping around Soho
Fashionable kid: Willow headed off for some shopping around Soho

She said: 'I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour, or with my father.

'There is a tutor most of the time, but usually I am working so I never get to do the lessons. The worst thing about maths is all the kids are ahead of me because they go to school.'

Mature: Willow may be grown-up for her age but she has stressed she is still just a child
Mature: Willow may be grown-up for her age but she has stressed she is still just a child

Part of this imperfection might be that she has not yet had a top-ten hit in the US, with her last single 21st Century Girl scraping in at 99 in the Billboard charts, describes herself as an actor and musician in her profile.

Her first song Whip My Hair did significantly better, reaching the number 11 spot and she will be a guest spot from Nicki Minaj can help her upcoming track perform well.

The True Jackson, VP star is also getting ready to appear in a movie adaptation of comic book series Amulet with her brother Jaden.

Famous family: Willow is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (pictured)
Famous family: Willow is the daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith (pictured)

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How to Tell If He Likes Me

By: Denise Young

Image Detail


Does he like me? Does he think I'm pretty? Will he ask me out?

These questions rome alot of young girls minds about boys! So here is another article that might help!
Liking someone and falling in love is something that has no age limits and many women always wonder- does he like me or not? Well, there are certain tips and hints that he may be giving you to let you know that he likes you without actually saying the words.


    • 1
      Think about the last time you saw him. Did he smile at you? Was he staring at you? Did he make up an excuse to talk to you? Did he touch or graze you arm by mistake or in jest? Did he try to engage in conversation and make you laugh/tell you something about himself/or ask you something about yourself? Many times guys will use any excuse to talk to girl he likes. If he is trying to make you laugh or touch you for any reason, he is trying to impress you.
    • 2
      Ask him to hang out. If he is already a friend or someone you know, invite him to hang out with you and your friends on a movie or dinner night. If this is a guy you are unsure about or don't know too well, make sure more than 4 people are going so that he doesn't feel uncomfortable being with a close knit group.
      You will be able to tell if he likes you by his response to your invite. If he seems to eager and happy at the invite, it is most probable that he likes you. If he says no, but gives a reason why he can't go and wants to make sure that you understand that he would have gone, were it not for this other thing, then he most probably likes you.
    • 3
      Flirt with another guy when around him. This may seem like game playing but his reaction to your flirting or talking about another guy will fill you in to whether or not he is interested. If he puts the other guy down as not good enough for you, seems to be having to put a false smile on his face and avoiding your eyes when talking, it shows he is jealous and upset that you may like someone else and not him.

How Can I Tell If He Is Interested in Me?


By: Denise Young

Developing a relationship can be complex. You have to get to know the person, understand his values and determine his likes and dislikes.We have many girls and women asking us about advice on relationships. And I have one reader from Canada 18 years old ask about us "how do I know if a guy likes me?" So I will post two response to that one question!The first step to completing the attraction is determining if he is as interested in you as you are in him. Knowing if he likes you can be tricky, but there a few telling signs.


  • Chivalry is not dead. There are still many men that open doors and push in chairs for women. While some men offer chivalry by nature, some men only offer their chivalry to those of interest. Consider your gentleman's behavior and actions. Not only is chivalry a sign, there are other behaviors that may key you in on his intentions. If you catch your gentleman staring at you, he may be interested. If you find yourselves caught in a mutual gaze that you just can't escape, he may be interested. Simple caresses of your arm or shoulder may also be a sign. The signs could be endless. However, while one sign may be nothing, several signs may be something.

Body Language

  • Body language, whether subtle or obvious, can be a huge sign of his interest. Pay close attention to what his body is telling you. Many times, the body language will tell much more than his words. If he moves in close while you're speaking, leaving little room between you, he definitely wants to be more than close. If you walk into a room, catch his glance, and his lips part, even if only for a moment, he likes what he sees. If he strokes his tie, smooths his lapel or checks his hair, he's interested in making a good first impression. Preening is a great sign of interest. Men are generally concerned with their looks and their body. If you find that he adjusts his stance and his muscles when you walk in the room, you're well on your way to success.


  • The specialties are superior signs of interest and vary based on the person. If you tell him that you just love something, like flowers or candies, and he gives you some the next day, you've definitely found a place in his heart. If you shiver and he lends you his jacket, even without asking, he cares about you. The subtle specialties are the ones that confirm your findings. They don't have to be expensive pleasures, just simple signs that you are on his mind when you are away.

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Rumors Swirl About Bobbi Kristina Brown And Nick Gordon

Rumors are swirling this week about Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of the late Whitney Houston, and the "secret boyfriend" she's been seen about town with lately. Earlier in the week, Brown was caught on camera holding hands and kissing her mysterious companion in Atlanta. Now, TMZ is reporting the 19-year-old is wearing what appears to be an engagement ring.
Making the story even more titillating is the identity of the young man in question. Multiple sources have identified him as 22-year-old Nick Gordon--a friend of Brown's who was informally adopted by Houston 10 years ago, and whom Brown refers to as her "big brudder."SDFL/Splash News
Allegedly, Gordon, who came from a troubled family, planned to join the army after high school to escape his home. Brown appealed to her mother, who agreed to take him in. Gordon then reportedly took on the status of "man of the house" in the absence of Brown's father and Houston's ex, Bobby Brown.
Houston's brother, Michael Houston, told ABC News that Gordon was "like a son to her"; while Gordon himself noted on his Twitter account that Houston called him her godson.
Despite the closeness, there's no blood relation here, of course. However, many are finding the pair's relationship to be controversial nevertheless. Adding to the whole matter is the speed at which the couple's relationship appears to have accelerated.
Gordon told ABC News on Wednesday morning that he and Brown are not dating--in fact, they were simply leaning on each other in order to deal with the grief of Houston's death. However, he tweeted the following: "Yeah, we got a little closer and what!!!...All the haters that don't know us or the real story can't unfollow me. I don't give a f---. I've proved my loyalty to her and the Houston family. I don't owe any of you anything."
Looking back at Brown's own Twitter account, it seems that her relationship with Gordon may have turned romantic much earlier than anyone realized. In early November of last year, she tweeted: "I love sleeping with big brudder (: only person that helps my insomnia!!"
However, Brown did not mention Gordon at all during her first interview after her mother's death, which she gave to Oprah Winfrey. "I'm doing as good as I possibly can," she said. "Just trying to keep going."

While public interest remains mainly focused on Houston's cause of death, interest in Brown and Gordon's relationship has started to spark questions online. Queries such as "who is nick gordon" and "bobbi kristina dating brother" are rising in searches on Yahoo!

Displays of affection: Do them right

Displays of affection: Do them right
After three or four dates, romance blooms with the promise of candlelit restaurants and midnight declarations that mark an end to the initial screening process. But on a first date, both parties are still getting a feel for one another and every move seems calculated, analyzed, or both. You’re seeking to shrink the personal space between two near-strangers, yet you can’t just jump right in. Before necks are nuzzled, there must be a foundation of flirtation upon which to build. Words are great, but if you don’t demonstrate desire with some well-placed PDA, how is your date supposed to sense your attraction and feel wanted beyond companionship? Let us explain.

Affectionate Arithmetic
Whichever Romance language you studied in high school (French, Italian, Spanish), renew your fluency in romantic body language. Before physical affections are volleyed, a keen suitor waits for signals that show interest and enthusiasm. Electrodes and heart-rate monitors aside, reading body language is your first (and best) indicator. Some actions — flipped hair, locked eyes, tilted head — suggest that it’s all going swimmingly. Others — drummed fingers, hunched shoulders — hint that you’re either droning on or altogether drowning. Here’s how to decipher non-verbal hints and add them up:

Leaning in attentively + Shedding that heavy sweater = The ice is breaking... caress her hand.

Big toothy smile + Riotous laughing spells = Promising sparks... initiate an innocuous game of footsies.

Folded arms or furrowed brow = Brrrr... Attempt to defrost this reluctant playmate with warmer chat and a lingering touch on the arm.

Clock-watching, sighs, restless fidgeting = Is it over yet? Proceed to your separate automobiles.

Flushed cheeks + a wink = Request the check and initiate seduction sequence.

Incidentally, a note for the ladies: Some men are still earning their Bachelor’s Degree in dating. To coax along stalled affections when desire is in the air, tenderly grasp his hand during a moment of levity and break a shy guy out of his shell.

The Arsenal
In Little League, they teach seven ways to safely reach first base. Here in the majors, where stealing second might get you slapped, there are plenty other favorable measures of pitching woo than KPH (kisses per hour). In general, highlight the secondary erogenous zones — those areas of stimulation that could be aired on primetime without FCC backlash (wrists, necks, and toes are mostly safe).

Like the evening’s specials, some affections are appetizing openers, some are meaty entrées, and others are meant to be served after the meal.

Drawing nearer: Café table covered with white paper instead of linens? Whip out the ink or ask the hostess for crayons. Playing “hangman” passes the time. Scribbling sweet notes is like IMing in real life, and if your hand brushes hers, so much the better.

Touch point: Guide her through a door or punctuate laughter with a soft touch on the forearm, elbow, or small of the back. Safely cross the barriers of personal space while enlivening a date with the charge of brief contact.

A show of hands: Far from the hot zones, a little finger play across the table is the best place to start. One easy way to initiate touch is to compliment her jewelry and graciously hold her hand as you get a closer look at rings and bracelets. Besides, jewelry is often a conversation piece (“It’s my great-grandmother’s...”).

A waltz isn’t schmaltz: Take a twirl, whether a slow sway or a racy tango. We don’t recommend toting a set of portable speakers everywhere, but two extroverts shouldn’t be afraid to cut a rug when a swingin’ number hits the jukebox. Plus, many women presume that good dancers are adept lovers.

Happy feet: Footsies are the randy subplot that mimics what’s happening above the tabletop — the chitchat may be PG-13, but two turned-on minds may have other ideas. Thus, if there’s no combustion above ground, don’t be the creep who goes a bit too far under false assumptions. Under cover of tablecloth you may kick off a round of footsies, but wait for a positive reaction before venturing above the ankle.

Stroke of genius: Stroking a lady’s hair is more personal than you think. Running your fingers through a silky mane is strictly an after-dinner bonus for great first dates.

Cake walk: Gallantly offer your arm or hand and enjoy a stroll after the chocolate mousse to cap off a pleasant evening. This versatile classic works for huddling in the winter cold or for dashing to make the traffic light in the summer.

Forward pass: While sharing a cab home, two new daters might touch knees and then snuggle closer. Likewise (or even in your own auto), a chap might delicately place his hand on her knee - but, please, only if she has her legs tilted toward you and has perhaps played with your hair a bit. Don’t get greedy; the leg is neither meant for grabbing nor an unwanted thigh exploration. Gauge her reaction to see whether your hand can linger: A scootch away says “No, thanks,” and a hand on top of yours means “Come closer and show me those lips.”

Drake interview with GQ!

The backyard of Drake's mansion is indistinguishable from the set of one of those late-night Lifetime soft-core romance flicks. Waterfalls gush all around, surging over enormous boulders. Bronze animals—lions, elephants, giraffes!—checker the lawn, glimmering in the last light of the San Fernando Valley sun. A giant fire, fit for a king from Middle-earth, burns in an outdoor fireplace, and a flat-screen TV plays Sixteen Candles.
In the foreground of this lady-fantasy tableau sits Drake, who has the six-one body of a well-built man but the dodgy eye contact of a teenager. (At first, anyway.) He awaits me on a couch with more chintz pillows than I can count, wearing baggy jeans and Jordans, his simple gray T-shirt accentuated by two long diamond-rope necklaces, lest I forget that he is 25 sittin' on 25 mil. At the ready are a bottle of chilled white wine and a pitcher of ice, for tonight we shall drink wine spritzers, his favorite beverage and also mine.
"If you went down the waterslide," he says, taking my hand, helping me over the stones that cross his blue lagoon, pointing to a chute running down a steep two-story cliff above the pool, which, by the way, is filled with statues of nude women, "how amazing would that be for your article?"
Dreams have come true for Drake, and tonight he looks to be in a sharing mood. He's going to ignore my pen and my tape recorder and my list of questions and open up his soft, emotive heart as if we were on the most amazing first date ever.
Less than four years ago, he was just Aubrey Drake Graham, a high school dropout and former child actor writing rhymes in the basement of his mom's house in Toronto, stopping only to trip out on text messages from girls or find out where that night's party might be. Drake's parents split up when he was 5, and he lived in a bifurcated world, between everyday life with his mom—affluent, white, and Jewish Canadian—and the special visits and occasional summers with his father, who's black, from Memphis, and a bit of a ne'erdo-well. When I ask him about his dad, his voice tightens, and he looks away. "Me and my dad are friends. We're cool. I'll never be disappointed again, because I don't expect anything anymore from him. I just let him exist, and that's how we get along. We laugh. We have drinks together. But I spent too many nights looking by the window, seeing if the car was going to pull up. And the car never came."
Still, he identifies with his father and his ability to hustle, to get what he wants while having a good time. "I've never been reckless—it's always calculated," Drake says. "I'm mischievous, but I'm calculated." So as a 15-year-old, with a successful acting career in motion, he quietly plotted his second act: hip-hop superstar. He borrowed money from his uncle and recorded Room for Improvement, his first mixtape, full of bass and braggadocio. And just like that, Lil Wayne was on the phone, calling to say he liked what he heard. Twelve number one singles, a few mixtapes, and a pair of studio albums later, it's hard to listen to the radio and not hear Drake's voice, telling you he's too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence.

Click to Enlarge
Staring into the fire, he tells me he's part of a new generation of rappers, one that is less defined by aggression and street credibility. "Rap now is just being young and fly and having your shit together," he says. "The mood of rap has changed." So has the way you get huge as a rapper. Drake launched his career via a blog and Myspace; now he's one of the biggest artists in the world. He's keenly aware of the power—and the panoptic demands—of the social networks that made him. "Some of my favorite rappers, some of my heroes"—DJ Screw, Aaliyah—"there might be like 200 pictures of them because there was no Internet," he says. "Whereas with us, it's like every moment is documented."
While he's quick to say, "I'm actually really happy," the fame dome has its challenges, and much of the music on his latest album, Take Care, reveals a conflicted soul. "I'm trying to find the same feelings that I had for women when I had very little going on, which is tough," he says. "When I was in my mom's house, I had nowhere to go, no real obligations. My girlfriend at the time, if she was mad at me, my day was all fucked-up. I didn't have anything else. And that made for some of the best music, I think, to date. Records where I felt small. That feeling is hard to capture when you're sitting out here in a space like this." He gestures to the pool, the tennis court, the volleyball court, the stables. "It's really difficult for me to find something that makes me feel small."
Spritzer in hand, he spreads himself out on the couch and acknowledges that, yes, he had a spell there when he was fucking tons of girls...but that just wasn't right for him: "There's just a time where it was like, just getting pussy. Where I was in that sort of 'I'm young, I'm going to disconnect from my emotions and just do what everyone else tells me I should do and just be a rapper and have my fun.' And for me as a person, it just doesn't work. I just need something else. The seconds after a man reaches climax, that's like the realest moment of your life. If I don't want you next to me in that fifteen, twenty seconds, then there's something wrong."
The fire starts to die out, Sixteen Candles comes to an end, and I ask if I can see his closet—after all, he designed his own $5,000 arctic-fox-fur, gold-hardware bomber jacket. We wander into the house, a woody manor. Drake enters some numbers into a keypad on a bookshelf and—presto!— it swings open into his massive, paisley-swathed sleeping chamber, complete with a California king bed, for which he must purchase custom sheets.
When I ask about the strange square above the bed, he grabs a remote, and a projection system emerges from the ceiling. Neato, I say.
"Would I have you already?" he asks. "Are you sleeping with me?"
Time to go!
It's a hypothetical question (I think), but Drake, being Drake, still wants an answer: "We had wine and dinner by the pool, I brought you inside, I brought the projector down; are you or are you not sleeping with me?"

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Extra,Extra! Stars stop and pose for Airport Style!

KIM KARDASHIAN photo | Kim Kardashian

By: Denise Young
We love to travel here SBD! Check out the some stars as they hit the airports in style! First, lets view Kim :No baggage here! The single lady keeps things light, layering a cream turtleneck and ripped jeans with a furry vest and taupe heels for a flight out of JFK. 
For more fashions go to,,20564819,00.html#21110909

Spring Fashion 2012



Bright Day Dresses

FEBRUARY 2, 2012


A dress is the swiftest way to look pulled together, but it’s even more delightful when you can choose from hues that look as if they were plucked from a toddler’s box of Crayolas. These garments have such ease (no bandage versions here), they’re a great way to start the day. What could be more comfortable?

They come pin-tucked, shirtwaisted, loose, belted, or A-line, with and without sleeves—so at least one will surely flatter you. Let your favorite brilliant color do all the work. Accessorize with natural shades like saddle and wheat. Legs go bare. Choose nude shoes (flats or sandals) rather than darker hues.

Look for the Day

March 15, 2012

Editor's Pick

Elizabeth Banks

WHAT SHE WORE Elizabeth Banks attended the London premiere of The Hunger Games in a Bill Blass gown and Irene Neuwirth moonstone earrings.

WHY WE LOVE IT Who needs a spotlight? With its brilliant hue and sultry cutout back, this sequined chiffon gown made the actress a red-carpet standout.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What do men think about Lip Stick?

Vibrant retro reds. Blinding pinks. Glosses so shiny you can see your reflection. If you love experimenting with lip color and consider Nicki Minaj your makeup hero, how about taking a minute to consider what guys think of the latest addition to your makeup bag before you whip out that gloppy wand of vanilla-scented gloss? We asked Men’s Health Senior Contributing Editor Matt Bean for the male perspective on the varying shades of lipstick.

Classic red (as shown by Taylor Swift)
That’s a look-at-me color. An I-want-attention kind of color. If you’re at a bar with the girls looking to meet people, it can work as a beacon of sorts. If you’re on a date with your husband, it says that you’re really kicking it up a notch. On the other hand, you can’t kiss a girl with bright red lips or you end up looking like a clown.

Hot pink (as shown by Blake Lively)

It doesn’t have the classic romance of a bright red. It’s more punk, rock star, adventurous. It reminds me of “Jem and the Holograms”—in a good way. It says you’re not afraid of a little bit of rock ‘n’ roll. I would expect the girl to listen to good music and not just hang out at Ann Taylor.

Dark Purple/burgundy (as shown by Rooney Mara)
This says she’s not afraid to take risks. It tells me that she’s edgy and could be challenging in a good way. Not that she has a dark side, but that’s she’s. . . different. On the right woman, dark color is intriguing.

Neutral (as shown by J.Lo)

When you wear the lipstick that’s the same color as your skin, you look like a corpse, like you’ve been out in the cold too long. It’s disconcerting. Also, neutral lip gloss looks like a glazed donut.

Bright Orange (as shown by Kirsten Dunst)
It makes me think… “Wanna Fanta?’” And also that she’s got a spicy personality and is probably a lot of fun. Very confident. Not afraid to try something that’s different.

Metallic (as shown by the one and only Lady Gaga)
It's a teenage thing, so if you’re “Sex in the City” age, you can come off a little trashy. Glitter should stay in the strip club. Practically, those sparkles end up everywhere.

Which lip color is your go-to shade? Let us know by voting in our poll below.

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The 9 Secrets of Happy Couples


Loving couples: In a world where 40 percent of marriages end in divorce, you can't help but notice them. There they are, finishing each other's sentences or laughing in some dusky corner of a Chinese restaurant. They seem so wonderfully in sync, and they make the work of being a couple seem effortless. Of course, no intimate relationship ever is, especially once you factor in life's built-in pressures, like work deadlines, laundry and your daughter's orthodontist appointments.

But, says Jane Greer, Ph.D., Redbook Online's resident sex-and-relationships expert, there are certain core values that make some marriages more intimate and resilient than others. You could probably predict the list: trust, mutual respect, commitment and a strong sense of "we" in the relationship. What is surprising, experts point out, is that when you ask loving husbands and wives about the key to their devotion, over and over you'll hear the same things, specific habits that mirror these values. Learning these secrets can make your marriage closer too.
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1. They use terms of endearment

Sure, you may find it cloyingly sweet when you overhear other couples talking like 2-year-olds, but endearments are actually a sign of a healthy rapport.

"Pet names take you back either to the happy childhood you had or the one you wish you had," says Manhattan-based family therapist Carolyn Perla, Ph.D. "They signal a safe, supportive environment." Also, these days, when we're stretched to the limit trying to juggle jobs and kids, "pet names give us the chance to let down our guard, to be vulnerable and childlike. And they make us feel close to one another."

These same feelings of intimacy can also come from using a special tone of voice with each other, sharing silly "inside jokes," or pet-naming your spouse's intimate body parts. The point is to connect with some private message system that's meaningful to you alone, as a couple -- not to the outside world. "This type of playfulness is a statement that you're feeling comfortable with each other and with the relationship," says Dr. Perla.

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2. They do stuff together

When that pheromone-crazy feeling of falling in love passes and happy couples no longer spend all day in bed, they look outward. They start businesses, refinish the attic or take up cooking together.

Of all the variables in a relationship -- from commitment to communication -- the amount of fun couples have together is the strongest factor in determining their overall marital happiness, according to a landmark study by Howard Markman, Ph.D., codirector of the Center for Marital and Family Studies at the University of Denver. Time spent playing together, says Dr. Markman, is an "investment in the relationship"; it provides a relaxed intimacy that strengthens the bond between two people. So even if your life is impossibly frantic, make the time for play. And do all you can to eliminate distractions. Leave the kids with a sitter, ditch the beeper and cell phone. The activity doesn't have to be anything elaborate or costly. Exercising together, browsing in antiques stores, or renting a classic movie can help bring the two of you closer.

3. When the going gets tough, they don't call Mom or Dad

The first task facing all young couples is separating from their families of origin, points out San Francisco-area-based family researcher Judith Wallerstein, Ph.D. This doesn't mean you shouldn't go home for the holidays. But if there's a crisis over whether to have a second child or relocate for a new job, or even if there's good news about a big raise or the results of a medical test, the couple should talk about it together first before dialing Mom. "You wouldn't believe how many people who are getting divorced say to me, 'She was never mine,' or 'His mother always came first,'" Dr. Wallerstein observes.

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4. They stay connected to their parents

This doesn't contradict No. 3: You can talk with your mom every day and still be clear about where your attachment to her ends and your love for your mate begins.

"Staying connected to parents, siblings, cousins and the like can be excellent for a marriage because it gives a sense of family continuity," says Dr. Greer. "It generates positive feelings, especially when you incorporate your spouse into that family. You're sharing that part of you with each other."

5. They don't nickel-and-dime about chores

It's no secret that most wives continue to do more in the housekeeping and child-rearing departments than their husbands. Still, when partners become double-entry bookkeepers, adding up every dish washed and every diaper changed, they may be headed for trouble.

"Most couples think they should strive for a relationship that's 50-50," observes Dr. Perla, "but the fact is, they should each give 150 percent. In good relationships, couples give everything they can. They don't nickel-and-dime each other, and they respect that each person gives different things."

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6. They fight constructively

There's fighting and then there's fighting. When couples start yelling and throwing things, when they dredge up every single complaint they've ever had (or "kitchen-sinking," as marital experts typically call it), you can be sure that they won't be celebrating their silver anniversary together. "Studies show that the way couples handle conflict is the most important factor in determining whether or not they stay together," observes Polly Young-Eisendrath, Ph.D., a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at the University of Vermont.

"Happy couples have learned the art of constructive arguing," says Dr. Markman, whose research has demonstrated that it's possible to predict whether or not a couple will divorce after watching them argue for 10 or 15 minutes. In strong marriages, he says, the partners take control of their disagreements by establishing ground rules. They may, for example, call a mutually agreed-upon time-out if the conflict is escalating and unproductive, agreeing to continue the discussion after a cooling-off period. They also truly listen to each other and won't prematurely try to solve the problem before they've heard each other out. Above all, no matter how angry they get, they don't resort to name-calling and insults -- key danger signs, says Dr. Markman.

7. They give each other gifts

Couples who are deeply connected often give each other presents or write little notes, says Thomas Moore, Ph.D., best-selling author of Care of the Soul. What they're doing is preserving the rituals, and the magic, of their courtship.

The gift should carry no strings. Sarah sometimes comes home from work to find that her husband has prepared a candlelight dinner. "But it's not set up to be a prelude to sex," Sarah says laughingly. "John does it because he wants me to feel loved."

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8. They never lose their sense of humor

Humor, as many psychotherapists have observed, is the Krazy Glue that keeps a couple together. When a couple can no longer laugh together, Dr. Moore says, it's a signal that the soul has gone out of their marriage and they are headed for trouble.

But Dr. Moore is quick to point out that lighthearted couples never mock each other. They instinctively know what is -- and isn't -- fair game. "Sam would never dream of making fun of my big butt," notes Catherine.

9. They take "for better or for worse" seriously

Contented couples encounter their share of life's miseries -- whether it's the car breaking down, a nasty cold or a missed promotion -- but they help each other get through. You don't, for example, hear them say, "How could you let that happen?" when a spouse loses a job. "Couples who do well together tend not to do anything that increases their partner's suffering, like become resentful or criticize," notes Dr. Young-Eisendrath. In good marriages, people feel safe from the outside world. Each spouse, stresses Dr. Greer, has the feeling, "I can count on you, our world is all right."