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Sean Kingston expected to fully recover, sources say

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(CNN) -- Sean Kingston's injuries from a Miami jet ski crash should be healed in about six weeks, two sources close to the hip-hop artist told CNN Tuesday.
Kingston, 21, suffered a broken jaw, fractured wrist and water in his lungs, according to the sources, who both asked not to be identified since they were not authorized to speak to the media.
A publicist for Epic Records, which distributes his music, issued a statement Tuesday morning saying Kingston was in "critical but stable condition" in the intensive care unit of a Miami hospital.
Cassandra Sanchez, 23, was riding on the Sea Doo jet ski with Kingston when it crashed into a Miami bridge Sunday night, according to an accident report from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Sanchez was also injured and hospitalized.
Kingston had just bought the jet ski days before, as he was moving into a new house in Miami, one of the sources said.
His life vest apparently fell off during the crash, causing Kingston to sink below the water, according to witnesses.
"They were calling us over, telling us, 'He's drowning, he's drowning,' " said Carmen Rivera, who was boating nearby with her husband Jonathan Rivera and friend Jimmy Vega. The three rescuers were interviewed by CNN affiliate WSVN-TV.
"We jumped in the water to help him keep his head above water," Vega said.
"I pushed him up, and he was vomiting what seemed like water, and then there was some blood coming out," Jonathan Rivera said.
Recording artist Trav, who visited Kingston at the hospital Monday, told CNN he was "very responsive."
Trav's newest song "Up and Down," which releases Wednesday, features Kingston.
The Miami-born artist changed his name from Kisean Anderson to Kingston to reflect his Jamaican heritage.
He shot to fame in 2007 when his debut song "Beautiful Girls" became a No. 1 hit in the United States.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

What to do When a Person Faint

Witnessing someone suddenly faint can be a scary situation. Paramedic Bobby Beall, Jr. demonstrates the dos and don'ts for helping someone who has passed out.

Why Lauren Alaina Will Outsell Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery was just declared the 10th "American Idol" winner, but as the past two seasons' Crystal Bowersox and Adam Lambert can tell you, winning isn't everything. Both of those runners-up have sold more albums than the respective contestants who beat them, and I have a feeling this season's runner-up, Lauren Alaina, will continue that pattern when she and Scotty release their albums later this year.
Why, do you ask? Read on.
1) Lauren May Get More Airplay - "Idol" fans loved Scotty, yes, but country radio staffers don't seem to be quite as enthusiastic.Stark Radio recently reported that country radio broadcasters are already resistant to Scotty; WFRE's Jess Wright even said, "If Scotty McCreery gets signed, I'm gonna need to change my phone number," and KUZZ's Toni-Marie quipped, "I'm calling in sick the day they bring Scotty by on the radio tour." These same programmers also seemed to think Lauren has a good shot, with the right material and proper handling.
2) Lauren May Get Better Material - For her first single, Universal Records honcho Jimmy Iovine gave her "Like My Mother Does," a catchy, heartstring-plucking ballad about a young girl's admiration for her mom. Aw. Scotty, on the other hand, got the grammatically awkward "I Love You This Big," with a silly chorus a boy might sing to his mom at age 5, not age 17. Were the "Idol" powers-that-be, who clearly wanted a girl winner this year, trying to sabotage him by giving him the weaker song? I don't know--but I don't think "I Love You This Big" did him any favors, and if he gets material like that for his first album, those above-mentioned radio programmers aren't going to change their minds about him.
3) Lauren May Get More Label & Management Support - It's been proven that if the "Idol" powers-that-be don't get the winner they wanted, they'll proceed with their original plans anyway. For instance, Taylor Hicks won Season 5, but all the 19 Entertainment marketing efforts that year went into making Chris Daughtry a star. Way more support was given to Adam Lambert than Kris Allen, and we all see how much effort the "Idol" machine put into launching Lee DeWyze's career. On this week's final showdown it was obvious how hard Lauren was pimped over Scotty, and while that attempt failed, that doesn't mean Lauren won't get a bigger marketing budget and bigger push later on.
4) Lauren Has More Crossover Potential - Let's face it, most modern country music nowadays doesn't sound very country at all, save for a bit of steel guitar buried in the mix and the teeniest hint of twang in the singer's Pro-Tooled voice. I personally like the fact that Scotty doesn't try to mix too much pop in his country, and keeps it old-school, hearkening back to the classic hat acts of yore. But Lauren's poppier style does seem more in tune with today's country scene. Those radio programmers' comments cannot be discounted, nor can the fact that two of "Idol's" most successful alums ever are Carrie Underwood and Kellie Pickler. (Lauren has also been compared to that other mega-selling "Idol" lady, Kelly Clarkson.) Carrie and Lauren's finale night duet almost seemed like a staged symbolic torch-passing, and Lauren later told reporters backstage that Carrie told her, "Wow, that was incredible. We should take that on the road!" So Lauren has the potential to become Underwood 2.0.
5) Girls Dominate The Charts - The biggest sellers right now are Adele, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Rihanna, and the like, and ladies rule the country charts, too (Taylor Swift, Miranda Lambert, the female-fronted Lady Antebellum, and of course, Carrie Underwood). Girls don't tend to do too well on "Idol" anymore--we've had four male winners in a row now--but they sure do well in the real world.
Of course, this is no diss on Scotty; he is the superior performer of the two, a real showman, so he may pick up even more diehard (read: record-buying) fans as he headlines the Idols Live Tour this summer. But hopefully getting all the way to "Idol" finale gave Lauren a confidence boost, and the sassy girl we saw back in Nashville, the one who had the guts to challenge Steven Tyler to a "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" duet, will soon reemerge onstage and on record. On "Idol" Lauren sometimes seemed like a butterfly turning back into a caterpillar, as the pressure of competing got to her, but now it's time for her to her to break out of her cocoon. So don't rule out Lauren just yet.

May 23-29: Jay-Z Captures Beyonce's Subtler Side In Dressing-Room Rehearsal Footage

It's been a great week for Beyoncé's confident, fist-pumping, female-anthem-making alter ego Sasha Fierce. She rocked three major stages to rave reviews: the "Billboard Music Awards", "Oprah's Farewell Spectacular," and "American Idol." But she's also receiving some deserved attention for her impressive acoustic rehearsal footage.
Following the "Idol" broadcast, Beyoncé's husband, Jay-Z, posted behind-the-scenes footage of his wife singing her new emotional ballad "1+1" in her dressing room. Accompanied by a pianist and her background singers, Beyoncé simply stands in front of a vanity mirror with her head humbly held low and eyes closed as she belts her way through the lyrics while her mother, nephew, and cousin, among others, watch in awe.

In the song, Beyoncé pledges her unconditional love for someone special. "We ain't got nothing but love, and darling you've got enough for both of us," she sings.
Jay-Z, who actually videotaped the clip, stressed the uniqueness of the stripped-down run-through. "This is the dressing-room rehearsal for 'American Idol,'" he wrote on his Life+Times website under the pseudonym Andy WarHOV. "'NO MICROPHONE. No effects."
Fans online are equally pleased, saying this raw performance reflects the depths of Beyoncé's talent. "Amazing pitch! Great control over her voice. No reverb, microphone, fade-in/out, vocaline, compressor, emlodyne, autotune, logic audio or protools needed," Denasimone commented on popular urban blog Concrete Loop, one of the first sites to post the video.
Jay-Z described Beyoncé's "pregame" show as refreshing. "Sometimes you need perspective," he wrote. "You've been right in front of greatness so often that you need to step back and see it again for the first time."
http://a323.yahoofs.com/ymg/realityrocks__27/realityrocks-379931122-1306382768.jpg?ymwW2EFD0idgw_5WBut of course, Beyoncé's "Idol" experience wasn't the only cool "Idol" news to break this week. On Wednesday night, the show named its 10th winner, Scotty McCreery. Elsewhere in the latest happenings in the music world, Justin Bieber and girlfriend Selena Gomez confirmed their boyfriend-girlfriend status when they shared an on camera kiss as the 17-year-old pop singer headed to the stage to receive a Billboard Music Award. The demand for Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album caused the servers at online retailer Amazon to crash, as eager fans rushed to take advantage of the 99-cent presale promotion. And the Grammys caught flack from music veterans Carlos Santa and Paul Simon who demanded that the respected National Academy Of Recording Arts And Sciences reinstate the 30 categories it eliminated earlier this year.
Hopefully, this recap gives you the information you need to be pop culture experts at Memorial Day barbecues this weekend. Enjoy. We'll see you back next week.

Christina Aguilera, classic game fanatic

Christina Aguilera (Todd Williamson/WireImage
She's sold more than 50 million albums throughout her career, has appeared on countless magazine covers, and currently works as a judge on "The Voice," one of the hottest new shows on television.
But if you really want to get Christina Aguilera's competitive juices flowing, challenge her to a game of Galaga.
The 30-year old singer, best known for her hits "Genie in a Bottle" and "Ain't No Other Man," confessed her love of classic arcade games onThursday's Jimmy Kimmel Live.
"I'm a huge gamer," she said. "Board games. Arcade games. I'm a huge game nerd. I have a mini-arcade in my house."
It's stocked with some classics, too. Among the titles in her collection are Donkey Kong and Galaga -- and when friends come to visit, one of the first things they want to do is erase her name from the high score list.
"Everyone that has a little gamer in them comes over and tries to beat my score - and I get a little competitive," she said "People think 'You reset it!' I'm like 'I did not. Come on, let's go.'"
This isn't the first time Aguilera has declared her love of games. Three years ago, she told MTV: "Target is an amazing store. You can find anything there. Board games... I'm a big gamer. I love my Nintendo DS. I love my board games. So on the road, [I play them] especially to kill time. Now, I don't have much time, because of my little one, to play those games. I play different games now."
Her favorite title at the time? Mario Kart DS.
Ironically, despite her love of games and her much-acclaimed pipes, Aguilera hasn't been featured in any of the music games that have come out over the past few years.
Then again, after seeing how Axl Rose and No Doubt both ended up suing Activision over their appearances in the Guitar Hero franchise, maybe that decision was for the best.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Celebs Out &About

Halle Berry strutted her sexy stuff in a skimpy Halston gown on the red carpet at the 2011 FiFi Awards on Wednesday. The event -- dubbed the Oscars of the fragrance industry -- was held at The Tent at Lincoln Center in New York City. The 44-year-old actress was awarded the fragrance celebrity of the year award for Reveal.

Mary J. Blige struck a pose in a form-fitting ivory gown. The R&B star took home two awards for her fragrance, My Life.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kim Kardashian: Kardashian Engagement to Influence Kris Humphries Free Agency?

Kim Kardashian confirms engagement with NBA Player Kris Humphries
After a six month relationship, reality star Kim Kardashian confirms she is engaged to New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries.  According an exclusive report by PEOPLE magazine, Humphries proposed to Kardashian at her Beverly Hill mansion on May 18.
The big stunner here is that Humphries proposed with a 20.5 carat diamond ring by Lorraine Schwartz valued at a whopping $2 million.  Humphries may have a seven-figure NBA salary but ponying up that kind of cash just doesn't make that much sense.
But wait, there has to be more to it than that.
The 6-foot-9 Humphries has made more than $16 million in his seven-year career and made $3.2 million in his breakout season in 2010-11. But Kim is believed to be reality TV's top moneymaker, having netted $6 million in 2010. She recently secured $40 million in financing for her shoe Web site. The entire Kardashian clan raked in $65 million combined last year, according to a recent re port. Humphries can file for free agency on July 1, and he'll need a big raise to catch up with his fiancée. It's believed the couple will make LA their main home, but no date has yet been set for a wedding.
In other words, he's probably using that ring is a small investment because he'll now be joining a money-making family known as the Kardashians.
If you're not familiar with the luck of the Kardashian, it's time to get schooled.  They bring good luck, championships and of course lots of money.
Fans would be foolish not to think that Humphries won't command a decent salary after posting averages of over 10 points and 10 rebounds per game this season.  Now that he's get Kim locked up on his side, he'll surely get even more attention from teams looking to build up some interest and draw fans to basketball games.
Heck, don't even be surprised if he moves closer to the West Coast as a free agent where he'll probably get an offer for something close to the mid-level exception.
And he'll probably have Kim to thank for that.

Elizabeth Smart Confronts Kidnapper, Plans to Help Others

Elizabeth Smart, kidnapped at the age of 14, faced her kidnapper in court at his sentencing Wednesday. The beautiful young woman told him, "I don't have very much to say to you. I know exactly what you did. I know that you know that what you did was wrong. You did it with full knowledge -- I have a wonderful life now and no matter what you do, you will never affect me again." The Associated Press reports Brian David Mitchell, the kidnapper, will spend the rest of his life in prison.
Elizabeth, having overcome so much, also had wisdom-filled words for the media, "I think one of the biggest trials in life, to heal from any kind of experience is by helping those around you. By lifting those around you, you end up lifting yourself as well."
The brave young woman plans on working to prevent crimes similar to her experience and helping children who are missing or no longer have a voice. After she graduates from college, Smart plans to work as a child advocate. She has started "The Elizabeth Smart Foundation." The program will work to prevent children from becoming victims of kidnapping and sexual crimes. The first project sponsored by the foundation is the RAD program, according to ABC 4 News.
Elizabeth is one of the few survivors of "stereotypical" kidnappings. The following foundations and programs were established in honor of victims who did not survive their experiences. These foundations and Smart's all have related goals: to save other children from similar experiences.
Morgan Nick Foundation
Morgan Nick was kidnapped in June of 1995. A year following her disappearance, Morgan's mother Colleen established The Morgan Nick Foundation. The program works to provide support to families of missing children through intervention, education, and legislation. Although Morgan has never been found, her family turned her kidnapping into an opportunity to help others and prevent similar situations.
Polly Klaas Foundation
Twelve-year-old Polly Klaas was enjoying a slumber party when she was kidnapped from her home. Volunteers stepped forward to utilize growing technological tools to aid in her search. Polly's remains were found nine weeks after she disappeared. The Polly Klaas Foundation now exists to provide the same tools to other missing children and aid their families and law enforcement.
Amber Alert
Amber Hagerman was 9 years old when she was kidnapped and brutally murdered. Although an eye witness saw Amber being forced into a truck and heard the young girl screaming, she was unable to be saved. The Amber Alert System named in her honor has saved hundreds of children by alerting communities and beyond when a child is kidnapped and in danger.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beyonce's Billboard Music Awards Show Strikingly Similar To Year-Old Performance From Italian Singer

Many were impressed when Beyoncé thanked fired Destiny's Child members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson in her Billboard Music Awards acceptance speech Sunday night when she received the Millennium Award. But her acknowledgments included a major omission: Italian singer, dancer, actress, and television host Lorella Cuccarini, who appears to have inspired Beyoncé's show-stealing performance of her new song "Run The World (Girls)."
In February 2010, Lorella took the stage at the 60th Sanremo Music Festival in Italy and delivered a show before a white screen and digital accompaniments that has drawn undeniable comparisons to Beyoncé's Billboard Music Awards performance.
As Lorella danced, the backdrop was filled with computerized birds, a bouncing ball, a red staff, a set of wings, a series of drums, and an army of choreographed clones, all of which also appeared in Beyoncé's set.

The variations between the scenes in common are minimal. When watching the performances side-by-side, it feels as though Beyoncé's team used Lorella's show as a template and personalized it by merely changing out some of the details. Not only does Beyoncé use some of the same scenes Lorealla used, but they fall in the same sequence.
Beyoncé's set opens with the roaring head of a tiger. Then like Lorealla's, an entry way appears. Next, both ladies receive a set of flapping wings. Beyoncé dances in front of an array of random, abstract images before a sea of birds descend from the top of the frame. As she continues to dance, she is eventually joined by background dancers made in her likeness. She catches a set of virtual drumsticks and plays the snares that materialize onto the projection in the same spiral fashion as in Lorealla's video.
Kenzo Digital, who spent a month creating Beyoncé's interactive video, said Lorealla concert footage is only part of the inspiration for Beyoncé's show. "[The Cuccarini artists] are awesome and do incredible work as well, but there are a lot of different inspirations for where our piece came from," he told ourAmplifier blog.
While it is clear that Beyoncé used the same visual concept as Lorella, Kenzo makes a valid point: both performances contain numerous unique qualities.
Lorella's four-minute routine was a tribute of sorts to American pop music that included pieces of Gwen Stefani's "Holla Back Girl," Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel," Aerosmith's "Walk This Way," and Peggy Lee's "Fever."
Beyoncé also brought two live male background dancers on stage with her, and followed the electronic set with 100+ live female dancers.
Reaction online has been mixed. "This is why I will always value her as a great performer, but never as an artist," rocknox wrote on YouTube. "Why are you going to perform a sampled song, and sample a performance too?"
But ShortStuff528 came to Beyoncés defense. "Has Beyoncé claimed this performance as her idea? Who's to say it was Beyoncé who sought out the people responsible for the original? Maybe they wanted to work with her. Every artist constantly copies. Michael Jackson copied James Brown, Jackie Wilson, breakdancers, Marcel Marcequ, and many magicians that he witnessed. ... Beyoncé gave credit to Fosse even before 'Single Ladies.'"
Still, Beyoncé owed Lorella a mention during her speech. For Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)" video, she pays respect to theTofo Tofo dancers from Mozambique who inspired the opening dance sequence by featuring two of the members in the clip.
A representative for Beyoncé had not responded to Yahoo! Music's request for a quote at press time. A spokesperson for the Billboard Awards offered no comment.

10 Salon Hair Tips You've Never Heard Before

Whether you’re after gorgeous color, a bombshell blowout, or overall superhealthy locks, stylists know the tricks to get you there. Here, they reveal their top must-try tips.

By Kelly Thore

1) Find a shampoo that lathers less.
 Sudsy doesn’t necessarily mean clean—sometimes, it means the opposite. Shampoos that lather too much are often overloaded with moisturizing products, which can leave build-up in your hair, making it look and feel dirtier quicker. So opt for a sulfate-free formula.

Related: How to Rehab Your Limp Locks and Split Ends

2) Give your locks a burst of cold. Before you hop out of the shower, turn the cold water on for a second and quickly rinse it through your strands. It helps seal the cuticle, adding a sleek finish to your locks.
3) Play hot-and-cold as you dry. When using a round brush to dry your hair in sections, start from the roots and dry all the way to the ends, letting the brush linger at the tips of your strands. Let your hair cool off like this on its own for five seconds, then repeat on another section. Alternating between heat and cool-down time helps set your style, and your blowout will have more body.
4) Do an at-home glaze between color appointments. Glazes fill holes and rough spots in your hair cuticles, helping smooth your locks and put moisture back into your hair. This keeps your color shiny and bright so it lasts longer and look better. Plus, you can snag an at-home kit from your local drugstore.
5) Use rollers for high-volume. For sex-kitten lift, blow out your locks until they’re dry. Then, section off the hair on top of your head—between your temples and all the way back to the crown of your hair. Divide that section into three smaller sections vertically (as if you were making a mohawk), and wrap each in a 2-inch velcro hair roller. Let your hair sit like this for 30 minutes, and then unwrap your strands, lightly comb them out, and spray for hold.
6) Drop the towel. Keeping wet strands wrapped in a towel for a half-hour as you do your make-up will just cause frizz! The roughness of the cotton forces your hair cuticles open, making them more likely to go every-which-way. Instead, squeeze out excess water as soon as you’re out of the shower, then let your hair air-dry for five or ten minutes before blowdrying.
7) Apply products 10 minutes before you style. Whether you’re curling, straightening, or whatevering, applying product 10 minutes in advance helps it fully absorb into your strands so you get all of its benefits and more bang for your buck.
8) Wrap—don’t clamp—your hair for quick curls. When using a curling iron, you don’t need to fasten your locks to the barrel. Wrap sections around the iron and hold in place for about 10 seconds to score the same soft, sexy curls.
9) Use spray bottles as your new lazy-day BFF. If you wake up and your locks are totally flat or grungy from the day before, just spray the top layer of your hair until damp, and then use a big barrel roundbrush (2 inches or more) to blow your locks dry. You’ll score high volume on that top layer, and since it’s freshly blown out, you’ll create the illusion of all-over smooth hair.
10) Use dry shampoo a different way. Instead of waiting until your locks need an dirt-fighting pick-me-up, apply a dab of dry shampoo to your roots immediately after you wash and dry them. Though your hair’s already clean, the barrier will stave off the debris and oil your strands will collect throughout the day before it hits. Bonus: It also gives you killer volume.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oprah Winfrey Focuses on Fans During Finale

In the end, it was just Oprah.
For the final episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" taped Tuesday, the talk show queen appeared alone on her Chicago stage, talking to viewers about what they've meant to her during the show's 25-year run. The finale will air on Wednesday.
Fans leaving Tuesday's taping said Winfrey had tears in her eyes as the television icon said a final thank you.
"She said, 'This isn't goodbye. This is until we meet again," said Amy Korin, 32, of Chicago, who was in the audience.
Winfrey then kissed and hugged her longtime partner, Stedman Graham, and made her way through the halls of Harpo Studios, saying goodbye to her staff, audience members said. She kept saying, "We did it! We did it!," Korin said, and giving employees high-fives.
There was a single chair on the stage, but Winfrey stood most of the time, audience members said.
"A lot of crying and hugs, crying and hugs," Korin said.
Audience members described a simply produced series finale filled with a sense of gratitude.
"It was just her the whole time, a recap of what she believed in, what we've given her as viewers and what she hopes she has given us," said Nancy Evankoe, 60, Hoffman Estates, who went to the taping with her daughter.
Oprah Winfrey
In this May 17, 2011 photo,Oprah Winfrey... View Full Caption
Winfrey announced in November 2009 that she would end her popular talk show after 25 years. Tuesday's taping comes a week after Hollywood's A-list and 13,000 fans bid Winfrey farewell during a double-episode extravaganza at Chicago's United Center. The shows that aired Monday and Tuesday included Aretha Franklin, Tom Cruise, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jordan and Madonna, among other stars of television, music and movies.
The bare-bones final taping had its share of celebrities in the audience including Tyler Perry, Maria Shriver, Suze Orman and Cicely Tyson, but none of them joined Winfrey on stage. There were 404 audience members, according to Harpo Productions.
Hundreds of giddy fans struck by their luck at getting tickets for the final show had gathered outside Winfrey's television studio in Chicago Tuesday morning.
Sarah Cranley, 32, of Chicago waited in line with her mother, who traveled in from Pittsburgh for the taping. Cranley said she felt very lucky to snag tickets to the last show and the prospect of seeing Winfrey live didn't yet feel real.
"You think about how many billions of people around the world watch her and want to be here," Cranley said. "What are the odds?"
Cranley's mother, Sally Mowrey, 59, said Winfrey was a constant in her life when her husband's job transfers had her family move 17 times.
"That was something I could count one, watching Oprah," Mowrey said. "That was one thing that didn't change."
Fans said they went through the normal ticketing process for the final taping by submitting their names online. Some said they wrote letters explaining why they were Winfrey fans.
Winfrey's best friend Gayle King mixed with the waiting fans and interviewed several with a camera phone. For her, the show's end is bittersweet.
"I have such mixed feelings about it," King told fans.
The finale of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" has remained a secret, even as Harpo Studios hyped it as a television event.