Friday, May 6, 2011

Kelly Price: Album Release Party at Justin's In Atlanta

2010-Grammy-nominated R&B powerhouse and songwriter, Kelly Price, is back and set to release her much-anticipated sixth album, Kelly, in stores now.Atlanta was graced  with the presence of one of R&B's song birds last night at the cutting edge restaurant Justin’s located on Peachtree for her Album Release Party on May 5,2011 in the heart of Atlanta GA.  

 Since making her mark in 1998 with the double-platinum debut, Soul of a Woman, Kelly Price has been a consistently present on the R&B and Gospel scenes. In the latest exclusive party to showcase her new project , the R&B diva talks about her new album 'Kelly,' singing a few songs, plus she gives a rendition of her new single "Not My Daddy."

Special guests that stopped by to support Kelly are listed as the following: Q from the group 112,Keke Wyatt,Terri Vaughn, Sheree Whitfield,her ex-husband Bob Whitfield, Kerri Lewis (Toni Braxton's husband) Brian Michael Cox's and much more! 

Despite having one of the more powerful voices in contemporary music, R&B/Gospel vocalist Kelly Price is sometimes overlooked by the mainstream music world. But make no mistake about it, the woman is as pure a vocalist and she proved that last night. Kelly Price's performance shows why she deserves the favorable comparisons to legendary s women in music. 

Among the album's better songs are "Himaholic,"about a woman who is so in love with a man that he's like an addiction to her; "Not My Daddy," which despite the title isn't a Maury Povich-type drama, but a romantic duet with Mint Condition's Stokely; and the album's closing song, "Get Right Or Get Left," a strong warning to a man to do better in his relationship with his woman, or she's going to leave him. "Get Right," like a few other songs on the album, are strong words to the power of women, and Kelly manages to come across as a strong, intelligent female without having to resort to cursing or acting crazy on any of her songs. In fact, the entire album is a refreshingly classy, well-mannered project that's clearly aimed at the members of over-30 crowd who enjoy positivity over drama.

If there's any drawback to the event last night and  the new album it would be that it was not enough musical or topical variety, and the album's middle songs are somewhat mediocre and generic. Second, the event was poorly organized from the social media on the internet(Facebook event page) not giving enough information  about the event,to the venue being to small for an event of this magnitude. There were customers there to dine at the restaurant and stayed in there seats causing the venue to be over crowded. This resulted in fans  having  no seats for the event.
Fortunately though, Kelly's extraordinary voice made you forget that the place was overly packed and your feet hurting with her show stopping performance.
Please go and support Kelly's new album in stores now!

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Our rate for this event is:
++A for the performance ( Kelly is great)
---D for the venue
--- D for the organization of the event! 

Here is her new song: 
Kelly Price ft. Stokley - Not My Daddy

Here is an interview:Kelly talks about her new album 

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