Saturday, June 18, 2011

La Toya Jackson writes of Michael Jackson's death in new book 'Starting Over'

la-toya-jackson-getty.jpgThe books from various Jackson family members are starting to emerge. La Toya Jackson is first with "Starting Over," which is scheduled to hit bookshelves June 21, two years after brother Michael Jackson's death - coincidentally, that is a major subject of the book.

According to the AP, La Toya says in the new work that she spoke with her niece Paris, who said that in the days before Michael's death, he was "always cold" and would "always cry." La Toya also writes about her confrontation with Dr. Conrad Murray in the hospital, where he was evasive and made excuses. 

La Toya also says MIchael's bedroom was found "torn to pieces" following his death and that she found notes she says were written by Michael where he says he has to "get these people out of my life."

Finally, La Toya writes that she  has talked with many other friends and family who were suspicious of Michael's final days and how he died. This second memoir from La Toya shares a title with her unreleased 2003 album, "Startin' Over," and to coincide with the book's release, an EP called "Starting Over" will be released as well, followed by another single a month later and the full-length album by year's end. 

Jermaine Jackson, another brother in the family, has a book coming out in September.

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