Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Stylist Toni Neal

By: Denise Young

How do you describe perfection? How do you describe beauty? Every person, culture and woman defines beauty differently. I know that one of the things that can enhance a woman's beauty is their hair. I had an exclusive interview with a celebrity hair stylist Toni Neal at the famous MaSani Gourmet Southern Cuisine Restaurant in Marietta GA.

I was waiting on one of the best hair stylist in Atlanta Ga to arrive,  while enjoying the  best  mac and cheese at the famous MaSani Gourmet Southern Cuisine restaurant when I notice a beautiful lady coming to sit down in my booth. When I introduced myself we sat down and began my interview. I found out that she was

born and  raised in the black hair capital, Detroit Michigan; Toni Neal displayed a passion for hair at a very young age. Toni watched her foster mother, a cosmetology  teacher, helped her grandmother, a salon owner, for close to a decade. As a 3rd generational stylist, hair care is in her blood. One would say she was destined to become an amazing hair stylist.

One of the things that was interesting to me was that Toni's journey started with a career in television and radio broadcasting. Creative, artistic, and highly motivated, Toni developed a great foundation in the broadcasting industry. However, after 12 years and a Emmy later, Toni desired to start her own business and naturally turned back to her roots,  hair care.

Toni describe herself  as an expert style consultant and innovative "weavologist" , Toni specializes in extentions.  She applies specialized techiques  to create natural styles for all hair types.  Toni believes in researching the best hair products, tools and hair for the many varied textures of black hair.  She doesn't believe in using or selling a hair product that hasn't been  thouroghly analized by herself and her trusted staff.

If you require the best, you've come to the right place.
Toni interview

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