Sunday, June 12, 2011

Battle of the Booty: Kim Kardashian vs. Coco

Coco, Kim Kardashian
Before there was Kim Kardashian, there was Coco—Coco's rear end, that is.
"I've been a booty girl before the Kardashians," Coco told us. "I mean the Kardashians just happen to be on E!, but really before that show came on it was nothing but Coco talk—if my butt is real or not! I've been in the picture for 10 years."
But now, as you may have heard...
Coco is also on E! with Ice Loves Coco, her new reality show with hubby Ice-T premiering tonight.
"There's a lot of ass on E! right now," Ice says. "That's a good thing!"
Coco assured us she's not trying to steal any of Kim K.'s rear-end thunder. "I'm not competing against anybody," she insists.
Behinds aside, we had to ask the dynamic duo, who just celebrated their 10-year wedding anniversary, if they plan on expanding their fam in the near future.
"Not anytime soon," Ice said.
"I have these chapters in my life that I must get through, then maybe I'll think about it," Coco added, "But that's always open for debate, so you never know. Tomorrow might be a different story but right now, today, it's not happening."
Now it's your turn. Who has the better booty—Kim or Coco? Chime in below.

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