Thursday, June 9, 2011

Katy Perry’s multiple costume changes at Atlanta show

Mike Benzie, Yahoo! Atlanta Editor
popular YouTube video of Katy Perry's tour-opening concert at Gwinnett Center Arena near Atlanta shows the movie star make six costume changes during one song, "Hot N Cold."
The Yahoo! Music blog Video Ga Ga writes that there were 15 costume changes overall. It reports that Perry first saw the trick on "America's Got Talent." The seven costumes (including the one she starts the song in) are captured in the video that surfaced online Wednesday and had 368,000 page views through mid-morning Thursday.
From the blog: Katy recently explained to Entertainment Weekly what prompted her to add the trick to her routine. "I saw these two magicians do it on 'America's Got Talent' or one of those shows, and I thought, 'I'll have them teach me the trick and we'll incorporate it into the show,' " she said. "I had to sign a nondisclosure agreement saying that I wouldn't give away the secrets behind the magic trick."
Jelena Crawford, from Atlanta, was at the show Tuesday. "It was really cool, actually," said Crawford, who said she'd never seen that on stage. Crawford said Perry never left the stage to make the changes and did it in a variety of ways. Once, she walked through what appeared to be a miniature train car. "She didn't really ever disappear," Crawford added. "Most all of it was on stage."
Crawford said the near-two-hour show was packed and one of the best-produced shows she's ever seen.
Meanwhile, see the costume changes for yourself in the video below.
Katy uses a magic trick she first saw on "America's Got Talent" to help her switch dresses in seconds. Seven of the changes are captured in a video that surfaced online Wednesday.

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