Sunday, June 12, 2011

Celebs Without Makeup

Normally we like to show you celeb photos withgorgeous makeup that you can copy. But for a little change of pace, we thought we'd show you some stars in their completely natural (read: makeup-free) state.

Now, I'll admit that some of them are wearing a littlemakeup, but way less than we've ever seen on the red carpet. And some of them still look completely stunning without a stitch of makeup, and others ... uh, not so much ...

Take a look at these celebs without makeup and be thankful that you don't have paparazzi following you around to take pics of you at your worst (or an editor thatmakes you post photos of yourself without makeup, whatever).

What do you think, should these stars stick with their natural look all the time? I think some of them could totally pull it off.

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