Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tyrese Wants to Share His Success with a New Book!

With a new book, two big films scheduled for release this year and a new album on the way, Tyrese Gibson is feeling good, and he wants to share some secrets of his success with his fans so their dreams can turn into reality, too.

“God revealed to me that 2011 was my season. It’s like we’re going to give people permission to want better for themselves. You will not be able to say that you don’t know any better after you get his book. This is not a sales pitch. It’s the truth. Period,” Tyrese told Sister 2 Sister.

Tyrese is currently touring major cities to promote Get Out of Your Own Way, his memoir Rev Run described as “amazingly candid.”

In the book, Tyrese talks about his rough childhood, his pathway to stardom, relationships with women and more. His hope is to help others achieve the sort of success he has.

“There are a lot of entertainers out here who are lusting and trying to suck everybody’s finances and money dry. Once they get on top, they’re keeping all the jewels and information and wisdom on how other people can get there for themselves,” he said. “In this book, I put it all out there. I just want to invite people to make an investment in themselves by buying this book. I did it for you.”

In addition to having his first book published, Tyrese has other major projects that promise to make 2011 a big year for him. He’s completed his fifth album, Open Invitation, and co-starring in two huge movie franchise films this year: Fast Five and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

That's not what he's happiest about, though. Tyrese said the best thing about his continued success is the support of his fans.

“All of my fans been blessing me with all of their time energy and support amongst any and everything I’ve been able to do over all these years. This is my way of returning the love.”
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In the meantime you can read Tyrese’s Twitter feed. He loves to offer up inspirational messages:

I sleep GOOD at night why?? I LOVE myself.. I repeat I LOVE MYSELF..!! And REFUSE to invite BULL**IT in my life… Join me!!
If you don’t want the BEST for your LIFE.. You gonna keep on bull**iting and inviting DRAMA and HORRIBLE people in it.. Then cry later!!!!!
I am very comfortable in my own skin.. it’s simple people! You are either ADDING to my life or TAKING AWAY!..
You can’t feel bad about getting rid of F**KED UP PEOPLE!! And situations.. They are NOT gonna KILL YOU if you cut them off.. !
There are monks, Africans, and people who live in the middle of the jungles, no TV’s, electric, iphones. NOTHING and are happier than YOU!
Americans have been brainwashed to believe that MONEY is the answer to peace blessings, and genuine happiness.. NOT TRUE..!
He also likes to use !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and CAPS when he is INSPIRING!!!

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