Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Recap - April 17, 2011

As this week on Celebrity Apprentice begins, the teams need to create a cooking demonstration for Omaha Steaks. They need to write, create and star in the demo that will be done in front of a live audience, using Omaha Steak products. Gary will be the Project Manager for the men, while Hope is taking her turn for the women.

Gary seems disoriented during the meeting with the Omaha Steak representatives. When he steps away from the group for a moment, the men discuss the situation and decide it is time to leave Gary floundering on his own. Gary cannot seem to get his team to rally around his ideas, and he is confused as to why they seem to be working against him.

As the women’s team starts to plan, Star seems to be trying to take over and NeNe finds it annoying. NeNe takes her turn at trying to control things, and eventually several of the women are getting annoyed. NeNe is annoyed by Star, LaToya is annoyed by NeNe, and Hope tells LaToya that she needs to talk more loudly during her demonstration and that someone will hit her if she continues the baby talk.

During the demonstrations, Meatloaf struggles over the suddenly changed menu and John and Gary battle over whose fault it was. Otherwise their demo goes well. The women’s demo seems to go well overall, so it will come down to a battle in the boardroom.

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