Monday, April 25, 2011

Campaign for Living Your Dreams "The NY Fame Fashion Week".

I had the pleasure in sitting down in a candid interview with a upcoming designer rising Fashion icon, Performing artist, and Creative Visionary, Karolyne Ashley. This interview is more about letting the public know about her and her work, however her new project is what is creating a buzz around the city & gotten the amazing designer all in knots with excitement.
Karolyne Ashley is moving swiftly at becoming one of the world’s most dominant forces in the face of fashion. With bright bold colors and whimsical garment constructions, she is known for creating the ultimate WOW factor. A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Karolyne Ashley grew with a love for performing arts which had a substantial influence on her personality and creative expression. While touring as a background dancer for international music artist at the age of 12, she began to take notice of her unique eye for fashion and wardrobe This is what inspired her decision to become a fashion designer. (Take a look at some of her work
Karolyne Ashley’s inquisitive exploration into the world of fashion has taken her on a very whimsical journey from college at Drexel University and study at the London College of Fashion to very insightful internships in New York and Paris. Now, in Atlanta, Georgia, Karolyne Ashley has set up shop and is moving forward with the creation of her international fashion brand. While working on her sophomore collection, she has collaborated with noted photographers, Derek Blanks, Chad Finley, Terrence Glover, and Russell Dreyer on various editorial projects as a stylist while also showing some of her own signature pieces. Let’s take a look at some items!

Karolyne Ashley is an advocate for bringing the love of creative expression and individual style back to the forefront of the fashion marketplace. Her desire is to create collections that will combine explosive creativity with modesty and functionality for both stage performers and contemporary fashionistas that don’t want to settle for the carbon copy clothing. It is only right to stay tuned and follow closely as the fashionable world of Karolyne Ashley evolves before the public eye.

Karolyne Ashley is launching a campaign for "The NY Fame Fashion Week" in New York City and needs your help.This star-studded occasion will provide upscale consumers, executives, professional athletes, celebrities, and socialites the opportunity to interact with other A-Lister's and high profile guests and Karolyne Ashley as been chosen to be a participating designer this fall 2011 in the upcoming show. The pace for the night will begin by rolling out the red carpet for major A-Lister’s & Moguls in the entertainment industry. Reputable press and media will be present, creating an ambience of high demand for the crème de la crème to show face. So please help this designer live her dream to go to fashion week! Thanks for your support in advance!
Please go to the site for more information about "The NY Fame Fashion Week".

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