Friday, April 1, 2011

Snooki Earns Higher Speaking Fee Than Toni Morrison

Rutgers University recently booked Nobel Prize-winning novelist Toni Morrison for its commencement address in May for a price of $30,000. Meanwhile, the university recently had Rolling Stone cover girl Snooki on campus for an hour-long Q&A, shelling out $32,000 for the "Jersey Shore" star.

Now, there are some considerations to keep in mind here (Snooki was paid by a student-run committee whereas Morrison was paid by the university; Snooki's fee will be divided among her management and opening act, etc.), but the fact that Snooki pulled in more than Morrison definitely makes for an amusing contrast.

Snooki's event was attended by about 1,000 students, who waited for most of the afternoon to secure wristbands, according to the New Jersey Star-Ledger:

"She spent an hour answering questions, teaching students the signature 'Jersey Shore' first pump and styling a student's hair in her iconic 'pouf' hairdo. She also introduced her father, who was in the audience wearing a "Papa Snooki" sleeveless T-shirt.

"When asked what her advice was for Rutgers students, she said: 'Study hard, but party harder.'"

Who needs Toni Morrison after advice like that? Really,what is the world coming too!

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