Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Bold and the Beautiful: A Little Bit of Gossip & News

Thanks to the good folks at CNN, we finally have proof that Obama wasn’t born in Africa, Asia or Mars as they’ve uncovered his birth certificate right there in Hawaii.

Not only did they find proof that his birth certificate exists, they found the newspaper clipping that announced his birth, which came straight from the state’s Health Department. Some say that Obama won’t show his birth certificate because it marks him as Muslim, but there isn’t even a place on the certificate for religion.

Just as importantly is the fact that they’ve also found friends that remember Obama when he was a kid. So, what’s Donald Trump going to say now? We can only imagine.

Here is a video about hair!

For his next trick, Tyler Perry is reviving the two hood-est characters from his film “Why Did I Get Married?” to the small screen. TBS has ordered ten episodes of the new show “For Better Or For Worse,” which will follow the lives of Tasha Smith and Michael Jai White’s characters Marcus and Angela… you know, the loud, angry Black wife and her can’t-get-right husband with the baby mama. Unlike the other Tyler Perry sitcoms, this one is targeting young adults, not families.

No word on whether any of the less stereotypically disfunctional “Why Did I Get Married?” couples will be featured on the show at all.

In a statement, TBS’s executive VP of programming Michael Wright said TBS’s decision to bring a new Perry sitcom in was the success his shows have had in making TBS “a prime destination for African-American viewers.”

“Given such a remarkable track record,” he added, “we’re excited for the opportunity to expand our relationship with Tyler Perry and Debmar-Mercury with the new series ‘For Better or Worse.”

No word on why, despite all of that success, “House of Payne,” which brought Perry to TBS is being cancelled after 5 years and 7 seasons.

Tyler Perry didn’t sound to concerned in the announcement press release either.

“Even though it will be sad to say goodbye to House of Payne, I’m really looking forward to exploring new territory with For Better or Worse,” said Tyler Perry. “Working on House of Payne taught me a lot about what it takes to make a successful television series and I’m looking forward to applying that experience to For Better or Worse.”

The new show will start production in Atlanta this summer. No word on when the last episode of “House of Payne” will air.

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