Friday, September 23, 2011

Octomom Hoping to Sell 'Fixer-Upper' House Before Bank Forecloses

posted by Joseph Brannigan Lynch - Thu Sep 22 2011, 2:17 PM PDT
Nadya's not going down without a fight!Bobby Bank/WireImage
Those who've followed the economic woes of the Octomom probably won't be surprised by this latest development. It looks like the financial hardship hasn't eased up for Nadya Suleman: The unemployed mother of 14 children is now trying to sell her Orange County home before the bank forecloses on it next week.
This could all be yours!TMZ
Nothing a little elbow grease couldn't fix, right?TMZ
It's a fixer-upper alright!TMZ
Why is she losing the house? According to what a rep told TMZ, she hasn't paid her mortgage for three months (and banks do tend to frown upon that). Suleman's manager confirmed the report for us, adding that her Nadya is going to move somewhere in the same general area because the kids are in school and she doesn't want to pull them out.
If selling this house -- which is hardly in tip-top shape -- is her plan to recoup some of her losses, it might be too little, too late. Although the house, located in Orange County, Calif., is estimated at $500,000, Suleman still owes $450,000 on it. Her imposing monthly mortgage payments of $3,500 -- and her desire to leave a neighborhood that she believes hasn't been hospitable to her -- are said to be her reasons for the unpaid mortgage payments.
As for the house itself, it shows the wear-and-tear you would expect to see from 14 children... and then some: The walls are scribbled on, which is par for the family home course, but there's also a few holes in the wall, which itself appears to be actually crumbling in spots. You can take a video tour of the home at TMZ.
Although the damage to this house may be easy enough to remedy, it's hard to imagine a fixer-upper like this selling for half a million dollars within one week!

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