Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Laura Govan is back with Gilbert Arenas

After a 7-month separation, Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas reconcile
After years of drama, including court cases and custody battles, Laura Govan and Gilbert Arenas are back together.
“He’s such a good dude,” Laura told the DJs at Power 105.1 in New York. “Ten years… we’ve been through a lot and I respect him, I love him, first and foremost, and I actually like him. So, it works,” said the “Basketball Wives: LA” cast member.
Although their breakup made headlines for its drama—like something out of a Tyler Perry movie—with rumors circulating that Gilbert disappeared on Laura while she was pregnant with their youngest child, Laura said all relationships have their struggles.
“It’s a relationship. Everybody has ups and downs. Ours is just public,” she said, blaming the demise of their relationship on “a lot of miscommunication, a lot of misunderstanding, a lot of anger.”
How did the two get back together? Laura said it was the kids.
“For the most part, getting back together, of course it was 7 months that we were separated, and the children brought us back together,” she said.
Gloria Govan, who is still engaged to her beau, Matt Barnes, with no plans to marry in the near future, agreed that relationships can be a challenge, but for the sisters, “Basketball Wives: LA” seems like the bigger challenge these days.
They both think Jackie Christie, who renews her vows to her husband every year, is insecure. Although they like Tanya Williams, Gloria said the advice from the self-proclaimed spiritual adviser, who she jokingly referred to as "Confucius," is “uncalled for all the time.”
Laura, who got involved in a physical fight with cast member, Malaysia Pargo, is friends with her now, but said the bout was a lot more involved than what fans witnessed.
“There was about 100 hits thrown. She got in one,” Laura said.
When the subject turned to cast member Draya Michele, Gloria described her as “pretty,” and would be cautious about letting her spend time with Matt.
“Would I allow Matt and Draya to hang out if they had something to legitimately hang out about or rap about, then maybe,” she said.
Watch more of their interview here and find out the other reason Laura got back together with Gilbert.

—Tracy L. Scott

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