Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: Is their marriage over?


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Demi Moore seems so happy with husband Ashton Kutcher, but is it all about to crumble? A 23-year-old woman has come forward accusing the new Two and a Half Men star of cheating on his famous wife, RadarOnline reports.
The supposed tryst occurred last Friday after a boys night out at a San Diego club. The revelery came the night before the two would have celebrated their sixth anniversary. The usually Tweet happy pair have not posted on Twitter since the news broke. On Monday night, Moore showed up solo to the NYC premiere of Five, which pal Jennifer Aniston directed.
The woman, reportedly named Sara Leal, has lawyered up with a top Hollywood attorney (hello Gloria Allred) and gone into hiding, pals of the woman told Radar.
What would Chuck Lorre say? Ashton’s behavior is sounding more like Charlie Sheen’s.
Last year, Star magazine reported that Kutcher had been with a young woman named Brittney Jones. She claimed that she had a one-night stand with Ashton last year after she met him at a luxe bowling alley, where he was with Moore and his stepdaughter Rumer Willis.
Jones seemed to think the two had an open marriage.
They later had sex, she said, at the couple’s mansion when Demi was away. "It was tender and nice," she recalled, "not some random sex act."
Moore was reportedly furious because if they do bring another woman into their marital bed, she wants to approve her first.

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