Monday, September 19, 2011

'Modern Family' Star Sarah Hyland: I Didn't Mean to Mock Lea MIchele

by: Erin Carlson
Lea MicheleJordan Strauss/ What's trickier than keeping an Emmy Awards telecast under three hours? If you ask "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland, she'd probably say: dragging Lea Michele off the red carpet.
The "Glee" star's signature pose is a thing to behold: She aggressively works her best angles for the cameras, and one can't help but giggle at her all-out effort. So when "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland playfully poked fun at Michele's pose on a pre-Emmy edition of E!'s "Fashion Police," we giggled along with host Joan Rivers. Hyland's impersonation was spot-on, if slightly vicious:
"It's just like, she puts her hands on her hips like this and sticks out her collarbone ... to make her look skinnier, and she (makes duckface) sticks out her lips," Hyland sniped, causing Rivers to nearly fall out of her chair."
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Not everyone thought that was funny. Upon hearing those harsh words against their idol, harcore "Glee" fans pounced on Hyland, sending a deluge of mean Tweets her direction.
Hyland apologized on the red carpet at Sunday's Emmys, telling E! News, "They are very protective of her, and I didn't mean it in any harm at all. When Joan Rivers asks, 'What does she look like on the red carpet?' you do it! She's hilarious, and it was just in jest and that was it. I hate that it's gotten to such a level. She knows how to work it, and I can't do what she does!"

Hyland seems like a nice girl who meant well, and truth be told, Michele likely could not care less what she thinks. (She's too busy vamping in front of the mirror! Ba dum. We've got jokes for days!)
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