Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beyonce Talks Pregnancy and Fragrance


Posted Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:52am PDT by Josh Duboff, The Famous
Beyonce descended from the palace made of clouds in heaven that we imagine she lives in to make an appearance Wednesday night at the New York launch party for her third scent (called "Pulse"). Bey was happy to discuss her pregnancy with reporters, and revealed she's experiencing cravings and a heightened sense of smell, just like non-Beyonce pregnant women have been since the beginning of time.
"My nose, I smell everything from a mile away," she told the Associated Press. "Usually it is food, it is onions or something that I just can't tolerate."
Beyonce said that she has felt newly empowered by the pregnancy (the scent is "about empowerment," according to the AP).
"It is the most powerful creation for you to be able to have life growing inside of you," she said. "There is no bigger gift, nothing more empowering."
She said she's not going to let the pregnancy affect her work ethic.
"I think it is just passion," she said. "When you are excited about something, you don't have to think about your energy. It is natural and comes from adrenaline. It is important that I don't look at this as like an illness. I am not sick. I am the same woman and I have the same passions."

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