Monday, August 29, 2011

What Do your Jeans Say About You?

By Alyssa Shapiro,
Paint-splattered jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren
When we asked a few guys what these jeans said about the ladies wearing them, their reactions ranged from dropped jaws to total confusion.
(Spoiler alert: The word silhouette is mystifying to guys!)
Regardless of your taste in jeans — be it wide-leg, skinny or straight-leg — one thing is clear: Guys love it when the real YOU is easy to see. Read on for a glimpse into the male mind.

Paint-splattered jeans make guys think you’re en route to the Laundromat

This jean's look says, "I like to party … around bleach." — Francis, 25

Black jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren
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Hip, edgy jeans make him think you're too cool for school

"Black shirt, Blackberry, black JEANS ... There’s no taking it lightly with her."— Alex, 24

Relax-fit jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Cool relax-fit jeans = cool, laid-back girl

"She looks easygoing, like she’d be down to grab coffee with me in the afternoon."— Anthony, 27

Classic blue jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

You can’t go wrong with classic blue jeans

"Simple and elegant." — Josh, 30

Skinny jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Not-too-tight skinny jeans make for the perfect date outfit

"She looks casual and comfortable, like we should cuddle on the couch … with a fire … in the fall and maybe some Bon Iver or Sigur Rós playing in the background." — Scotty, 24

Distressed jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Intentionally frayed or distressed jeans distress him

"Hoping she didn't pay extra for the fray … ." — Philippe, 26

Large-branded jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Logo-in-your-face denim styles turn him off

"Blinded by the white! She’d rather wear a brand name than something that looks good." — Josh, 32

Photo: Ronnie Andren

Casual, layered jeggings are a guaranteed head-turner

"These jeans look good on her. She seems confident wearing them!" — Colby, 26

Ripped jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Attention-getting ripped jeans are the denim equivalent of a pick-up line

"She's a free spirit, teasing you with little glimpses of skin and letting you know she's down to party!" — Ryan, 25

Cropped jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Cropped, edgy jeans give off a playful vibe

"She’s sporty, with a splash of spunk!" — Jim, 34

Red jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Red jeans catch — and keep — his attention

"Love this quirky girl — I think I have a crush already; can you introduce me?" — Tom, 23

'70s jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

'70s jeans send a groovy message

"She's got flare. Literally."— Randall, 30

Slouchy jeans
Photo: Ronnie Andren

Slouchy, oversize jeans risk looking a wee bit sloppy

"This is Tom Sawyer-esque effortless chic. Maybe a little too effortless, in my mind." — Nicolas, 24

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