Thursday, August 11, 2011


Thrilled About The Wedding
A wedding should be a happy occasion, something that brings two families together. But Kim Kardashian’s upcoming nuptials to fiancé Kris Humphries seem to be having the exact opposite effect: “The Humphries feel totally left out,” a family insider tells In Touch. “They feel like they’re being treated like second-class citizens.”

The problem? Kim and her manager/mother, Kris Jenner, haven’t permitted her fiancé’s family to offer any feedback about the planning process. As a different source puts it, “Their opinions are never asked for, or needed.” The Kardashians wouldn’t even let the Humphries help pay for the party, perhaps because they feared that then they’d expect to have some say over the proceedings! “Kris Humphries’ dad is a successful businessman,” the insider reports, “and he offered to contribute, but he was told, ‘Thanks, but no thanks.’ ” Instead, E! is paying for most of the wedding, and Kris Jenner is running the show.

It’s gotten so bad, the insider says, that William Humphries even urged his son to rethink rushing into marriage with Kim. “Kris’ dad doesn’t feel like he’s gaining a daughter,” the insider explains. “He feels like he’s losing a son. He’s scared that the wedding snub might be a sign of things to come.”

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