Tiger Woods might never return to the top of the World Golf Rankings, but at least the disgraced former star has earned a No. 1 ranking in something.
Woods, despite a net worth of $500 million, is the worst celebrity tipper in America. Eldrick's excuse: He never carries cash. Woods is said to have made a woman in Las Vegas tip for him when they went out. While playing $10,000-a-hand blackjack, Tiger re-pocketed a $5 tip after realizing he tipped her early in the night.
The golfer isn't the only sports star making the Miami New Times Short Order blog list of "Top Ten Cheapest Celebrity Tippers."
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The story was put together by Lee Klein of the New Times, who says he compiled information from more than a half-dozen sites devoted to tipping.
"The same names kept coming up again and again," Klein says.
LeBron James was one of them. The King was given a gift from the gods in the form of basketball talent, but leaving a gratuity is a different story. James, with a net worth of $120 million, turns into a cheapskate when the bill arrives. The Miami Heat star is ranked fourth on the New Times list, thanks in part to a generous $10 tip on a $800 bill from a Cleveland steak house he made stay open until 4 a.m.
Check out the Top Ten Cheapest Celebrity Tippers in this slideshow:

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    1. Tiger Woods

    Claims he never carries cash.

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  • I deliver for Dominos and the high percentage of non tippers comes from the black community,,,sorry to say but it's the truth,,,I have done this for years and this is a real statistic...I have to drive my own car and buy my own gas,,,and for those of you that that will complain and tell me to get a better job you need to realize I make more doing this than slaving away in a factory for the most part,,,and if I bring you food to your house and you can't tip then maybe it would be easier for you to come get yourself,,,if you don't like to tip then don't steal from the delivery drivers they have families,,,go get it yourself!!!
  • Tom King1 minute ago
    Must be Republicans....
  • Greedy? Then get up off your lazy ass and get it yourself! You expect the service but don't expect to pay for it. Sounds like an entitlement addicted libtard to me. You lazy selfish POS
  • Glen Davis (Big Baby) went to LSU and comes back to Baton Rouge Occasionally. My old roommated bartended for him once. $1000 + bar tab... $0 tip.
  • I was a waitress from age 16-24, and yes on average minorities don't tip well however, it is not true in every case and this forum should not be used for the racist, ignorant comments I have seen
  • What a dick head. For Tiger, a $20 tip is not even meaningful in any way - he just can't be bothered
  • Sorry Antonio but you are mistaken, tipping 20% is not only in America. I can speak for the three European countries I have lived in and all three of them, waiters expect 20%.
  • Money can't buy class.
  • Most servers make $2.15 an hour. Tipping is how they earn the rest. Restaurants use tips as a way to excuse the use of the cheap labor force. Take for instance someone who comes in but the restaurant is dead so they are told to do their sidework (extra work such as prep duties, cleaning, stocking and such) and go home. If the server did not take any tables they are being paid $2.15 for their hard labor.

    Question would you work for $2.15? THEN TIP your service people! Tips are budgeted in when companies determine appropriate compensation for various positions.
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