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  • Khloe Kardashian

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    There's no doubt the Kardashians have taken the world by storm and let's be honest -we just can't get enough. Whether we're glued to the boob tube watching their ridiculous antics on the smash hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, browsing magazines to keep up with their latest fashion fads or getting online to check out the latest gossip, Kim, Kourtney and Khloe definitely have our attention. Yes, we love Kris, Kendall, Kylie and the rest of the K-clan, but let's keep it real -who do we really want to see? Who keeps us entertained and wanting more? It's certainly not the Jenner teens, Bruce, Robert or Lamar. (No offense, guys!) It's those three wild and crazy gals, the Musketeers, the unstoppable sister trio who keep us hooked and tuning in every week.
    Many have touted Kim as the favorite Kardashian, admiring her exotic beauty and complimenting her unique style. We see her face on the cover of at least one glamour mag a week and we all agree she's fabulous. Others have become obsessed with Kourtney's baby daddy drama and celebrate her maternal instinct and incredible strength. She's gorgeous and independent and we love her for it. And while Kim and Kourtney have a special place in the hearts and minds of Kardashian crazed admirers all around the world, people everywhere are lovin' them some Khloe.
    Here's why we love Khloe Kardashian:
    Khloe is Super Kool
    To sum it up, Khloe has the "it" factor. Sure, she's beautiful and yes, she's stylish. But it's her personality that gives her that certain sparkle -the kind that makes a star shine. She's spontaneous; she's fun and she's carefree. In spite of her super glam girl status, Khloe seems very down to earth. She's the chick you want to hang with because you know there'd never be a dull moment. She's the kind of gal who's always ready to have a good time and where she goes, laughter follows. Plain and simple, Khloe just radiates kool and that's one of the reasons we love her.
    Khloe is a Trend-Setter
    If you're a die-hard Kardashian fan like me, you remember the recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians where Khloe walked around the house in a huge Indian headdress. Sure, it's totally absurd and completely outlandish, but didn't it make you want to run right out to your local costume shop and buy one for yourself? I know I have since thought of getting one to wear to my mother's for Thanksgiving -just for the thrill of it. Whether it's leopard-print pumps or posing nude for an animal rights campaign, Khloe rocks whatever she wears -- or doesn't wear. Women look to her as a sort of compass and are guided by her fashion decisions. Khloe has the ability to pull off the most outrageous outfits, shoes and hats and that's another reason why we love her.
    Khloe Keeps it Real
    There's just something about Khloe Kardashian that makes her very relatable. She has managed to maintain her authenticity in a world of what many are now calling unreality TV. We love her for being so open about her insecurities, among them her personal battle with body issues and the pressure to stay thin. Even though she lives a life of luxury and privilege, somehow, we can identify with her. Yes, she's rich and famous and fantabulous, but I get the feeling she could make even the most star-struck fan feel comfortable in her presence.
    Khloe Cares
    Whether she's making a statement against the cruelty of animals or promoting gay rights, Khloe Kardashian seems genuinely moved to use her celebrity status as a vehicle to make the world a better place. Because of her good looks and charm, her depth and intelligence are often underrated, which is a shame. She demonstrates compassion, caring and real character. Her values are evident in all that she does and unlike so many reality stars, Khloe has what it takes to be a true role model. She loves her family; she is loyal to her husband and she seems truly concerned with the greater good.
    So, in closing -Khloe Kardashian, wherever you are -don't change a thing, we love you just the way you are!
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