Thursday, March 15, 2012

How Can I Tell If He Is Interested in Me?


By: Denise Young

Developing a relationship can be complex. You have to get to know the person, understand his values and determine his likes and dislikes.We have many girls and women asking us about advice on relationships. And I have one reader from Canada 18 years old ask about us "how do I know if a guy likes me?" So I will post two response to that one question!The first step to completing the attraction is determining if he is as interested in you as you are in him. Knowing if he likes you can be tricky, but there a few telling signs.


  • Chivalry is not dead. There are still many men that open doors and push in chairs for women. While some men offer chivalry by nature, some men only offer their chivalry to those of interest. Consider your gentleman's behavior and actions. Not only is chivalry a sign, there are other behaviors that may key you in on his intentions. If you catch your gentleman staring at you, he may be interested. If you find yourselves caught in a mutual gaze that you just can't escape, he may be interested. Simple caresses of your arm or shoulder may also be a sign. The signs could be endless. However, while one sign may be nothing, several signs may be something.

Body Language

  • Body language, whether subtle or obvious, can be a huge sign of his interest. Pay close attention to what his body is telling you. Many times, the body language will tell much more than his words. If he moves in close while you're speaking, leaving little room between you, he definitely wants to be more than close. If you walk into a room, catch his glance, and his lips part, even if only for a moment, he likes what he sees. If he strokes his tie, smooths his lapel or checks his hair, he's interested in making a good first impression. Preening is a great sign of interest. Men are generally concerned with their looks and their body. If you find that he adjusts his stance and his muscles when you walk in the room, you're well on your way to success.


  • The specialties are superior signs of interest and vary based on the person. If you tell him that you just love something, like flowers or candies, and he gives you some the next day, you've definitely found a place in his heart. If you shiver and he lends you his jacket, even without asking, he cares about you. The subtle specialties are the ones that confirm your findings. They don't have to be expensive pleasures, just simple signs that you are on his mind when you are away.

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