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Can a psychic help you find your soul mate?

Can a psychic help you find your soul mate?
By: Denise Young

When it comes to finding a soul mate,What happen to the good fashion way? These days people are finding the internet for mates all over the world. I even know a few people that found a mate on the internet,however doing so for me is very scary and I would not recommed it.
 Even so, I am married and found my mate in college... so when I heard that the nationally-renowned psychic Dougall Fraser, author of But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life, was willing to give some soul mate-searching lessons, I figured, this is interesting? I had nothing to lose to see if this could work for other people and our fans, especially since his tactics, I found out, were things I could try without dialing a hotline or being psychic myself.

“As much as I would like to believe that consulting a psychic about your love life is of the utmost importance, truth be told, you can be your own psychic,” explains Fraser. “All you need to know are a few simple techniques to tap into your intuition and channel your energy.” Thinking it couldn’t hurt to add a few mystical maneuvers to my repertoire, I listened closely to Fraser’s advice — then hit the town to see if it could help me find the man of my fans dreams.

Psychic secret #1: Send out a love signal
The first step to finding a soul mate, says Fraser, is to channel your energies about a) who you are, and b) what you want. To do this, write a list of five things that make you a hot commodity: Are you adventurous, nurturing, a great listener? Jot it down, then follow up with a list of five qualities you seek in your mate. Before heading out on your search, close your eyes and think about these love lists for a few minutes. “Energy follows thought, and thought directs energy,” Fraser explains. “If you’re focusing your thoughts, you’re actually sending out an energy to the universe that will inspire like-minded people to be drawn to you.”

Does it work?
Blame it on “energy,” “aura” or what-have-you, but writing a list of my best attributes — being friendly, outgoing, and brave enough to use a love psychic without feeling like a total loser — definitely gave me a confidence boost. But making a wish list of my ideal man’s qualities — funny, smart, really, really hot — brought me down a notch. What, did I think guys like that grow on trees? So, let’s just say the first half of this exercise worked better than the last. On the second half, I just didn’t feel that energy flowing.

Psychic secret #2: Tune in to your body
If you’re face-to-face with a cute guy or girl and need some mystical guidance about whether you’ve met someone who could play a key role in your future, Fraser has some advice. Pay attention to the muscles in your jaw and shoulders. “If your jaw gets tight or if your shoulders hunch in just slightly, this is your energy contracting, which means this person is probably not for you,” he says. When you’ve met a possible match, your energy expands, causing your shoulders to drop and your jaw to relax. “Positive energy feels like there are tiny little explosions through your entire body,” says Fraser, and you loosen up after those explosions.

Does it work?
Well, let’s just say it bombed with my first prospect at a party that evening. While he explained how he knew the host, I took the opportunity to focus on what my body was doing. Jaw loose? Check. Shoulders relaxed? Check. But by then, I’d been listening to my body cues for so long that he’d gotten bored and excused himself for the bathroom. Strike one. Later that evening, however, I encountered that same loose-jawed, relaxed-shoulder feeling with a guy named Johnny. And, as he put his hand on my back to guide me over to the food, I even felt those tiny little explosions Fraser was talking about (no, not your garden-variety goose bumps; something different). I have to say, even this skeptic was impressed by Fraser’s advice.

Psychic secret #3: Look into another’s eyes and get a gander at the future
You don’t have to be a prophet to see the future, says Fraser. Anyone can, and it’s a great way to tell if the person in front of you has long-term potential. “Don’t expect to see home-movie visions of the two of you walking down the aisle. It’s not like that,” warns Fraser. “Seeing the future is like an itty-bitty flash: either three minutes, three weeks, even three years into the future.” If the person you’re thinking of is your destiny, images of the two of you down the road will pop up unexpectedly.

Does it work?
It sure did — although, not exactly for the right reasons. As I continued chatting with Johnny, I stared in his eyes for a glimpse of the future... at first, all I saw was a reflection of the kitchen light. Then, two big black pupils surrounded by green and brown flecks. That’s when Johnny interrupted my reverie by saying, “You have really nice eyes.” Looks like all that eye contact got me something. An hour later, Johnny asked for my number. And I did get a glimpse of the two of us, in the future, laughing together and having lattes. Not a big vision of our children or anything, but I honestly had never noticed that kind of image pop into my head before when a guy asked for my number.

Ladies and gentleman some of these tips you already know! I agree with the author about we all have a little psychic in us! Please use your common sense in dating! I suggest writing down somethings you want in a mate a go from there. I do believe that some things tips can that can be helpful,but do not depend on others to help with a  finding a mate. That task is something that you will have to do on your own. 

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