Monday, March 5, 2012

Brooke Mueller Dodges Jail, Leaving Assault Victim Furious

By: Denise Young

I tell when stars get in trouble it is diffrent from your next door neighbor getting in trouble with the law. Take for example, Brooke Mueller, of Oxygen‘s The World According to Paris was arrested back in December on drug and assault charges, and rumor has it the star will not be facing any jail time. Since the news broke, Brooke’s victim has also spoken out and revealed that she is furious! (Keeping reading)
Brooke Mueller was arrested back in December in Aspen, Colorado on cocaine charges and a misdemeanor 3rd degree assault charge, and apparently Brooke’s lawyer is busy working on a plea deal for her. If the plea deal goes through, Brooke Mueller would have to serve a few months of community service, and possibly rehab, but her assault victim insists that Brooke needs jail time.

TMZ recently spoke to Llana Little, the woman Brooke Mueller assaulted, who told them that she had come off the dance floor of a nightclub when she bumped into Brooke. Words were exchanged between the pair, and Little says that when she turned around, Brooke Mueller punched her in the back. Llana Little feels that Brooke Mueller does not need rehab, but instead she told TMZ: “She needs to learn her lesson that what she did was not okay,” adding that Brooke should be thrown in jail.

What do you think? Does Brooke Mueller deserve jail time for the assault? Or do you think that Brooke Mueller should be sent to rehab, yet again? Honestly, how many more times can this woman go to rehab – it is obviously not working. Comment and share your thoughts with us below!

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  1. Jail Time + rehab after
    How is it she'a a star??