Friday, August 23, 2013

Fashion Friday

Elizabeth Hurley

Envy Inducing

There's little we love more than Elizabeth Hurley reappearing on the red carpet to remind us that she's still as hot as ever. This slinky stunner with a tastefully placed keyhole has her swathed in green, but she's making the whole world envious instead. 

Liz Lemonade

Talk aboout a transformation. This Reed Krakoff cocktail dress is a far cry from the casual jeans and sweats Tina Fey wore on 30 Rock. The white, patterned bodice against the fitted black skirt gives America's favorite funnygal a perfect hourglass figure

Uniform Look

Taylor Swift has been loving the short shorts and long-sleeved tops look lately. At this point, it's practically a uniform! We don't mind the "business-meets-BBQ" look, but we prefer the "Trouble" singer in her glitz gowns and flirty skirts.

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