Thursday, August 22, 2013

DMX arrested again by South Carolina police

Rapper DMX's mugshot as he was booked into the Greer jail Tuesday, August 20, 2013.
by: Denise Young

Let's pray for DMX,Lord he really has problems and issues that only God can help him with. When I saw this I had to post this. Please read what CNN wrote?????????? And he looks bad!

(CNN) -- Rapper DMX had another run-in with police in South Carolina this week, ending with a citation for marijuana possession.
The arrest in Greer, South Carolina, comes four weeks after he was charged with drunken driving in Greenville, just one town away.
DMX -- whose real name is Earl Simmons -- was a passenger in a Ford F-350 truck stopped by police for allegedly making an improper lane change Tuesday night, according to the police report.
The police report said the officer immediately recognized Simmons, 42, and knew that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failure to appear in court for a previous charge.
The officer reported seeing "a bag of green plant material I knew to be marijuana" on the passenger door where Simmons was sitting. The rapper denied it was his and then told police he "had breathing trouble."
"At this point, Mr. Simmons became very aggressive with his words and was making multiple idle threats," the police report said. "The smell of alcohol coming from his person became very strong."

"The Partridge Family" star David Cassidy was arrested just after midnight on August 21 for driving while intoxicated and failure to dim his headlights in Schodack, New York."The Partridge Family" star David Cassidy was arrested just after midnight on August 21 for driving while intoxicated and failure to dim his headlights in Schodack, New York.
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Simmons was placed under arrest for the warrant and also cited for simple possession of marijuana. He was booked into the Greer jail, but released on bail hours later, a police spokesman said.
The artist's publicist defended DMX in a written statement to CNN Wednesday.
"Although officers pulled them over for a minor traffic violation, DMX was asked to step outside so they can search the vehicle," Domenick Nati said. "Officers then claimed that they found bags of marijuana in the floorboard and arrested X. No drugs were found on DMX or the other passengers and the alleged bags of marijuana were never shown to DMX or the other passengers."
Anitra Rhodes, 39, was charged with improper lane change and simple possession of marijuana after three bags of suspected marijuana were found under the driver's seat, the police report said. Nati said Rhodes is DMX's assistant.
On July 26, troopers in Greenville pulled over in a 1978 Plymouth station wagon after spotting it traveling erratically, the South Carolina Highway Patrol said. DMX, who was driving, was given a field sobriety test and failed, the agency said.
The rapper was charged with driving under the influence, driving without a license and driving without a seat belt.
DMX has faced various criminal charges in the past, including probation violation, illegal drug possession and animal cruelty.
Maricopa County, Arizona, authorities said he was arrested five times after August 2007. That included a May 2008 arrest on drug and animal cruelty charges, when Simmons attempted to barricade himself inside his Cave Creek home, sheriff's deputies said.
Simmons also ran into trouble while in prison, being placed on "lockdown status" and forced to eat only bread and water for "jailhouse infractions." In February 2009, he threw a food tray in anger at a corrections officer, according to the sheriff's office.
In 2010 he was sent to prison after violating his probation. Four days later DMX was admitted to the Flamenco Mental Health unit for an undisclosed disorder.

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