Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What drives you?

By: Denise Young ED.S

What drives you?  Bad Memories,pressure, fear or happiness? Many people are driven be guilt, but let me tell you that letting go of the past is the first step of a successful life in the road to purpose. I was thinking of past clients that let the anger and guilt of their lives drive them to live a negative lifestyle of drinking,using drugs and domestic violence. Why? In my opinion not knowing purpose in there life. Not knowing who they are. What drives you? I really believe that many times in our lives we fall into a approval mode. This means that we look for approval from others to be important. Yes, other people opinion is important but it should not be at the topic of your list. Pleasing everyone else is impossible and cannot be done by any human. I have observed that success is measured by morals, beliefs and how you view what success is? Life is about living and getting in your will of purpose. What is my purpose? What does God have for your life ? You will have to ask him. This article is about what drives you. Do you have dreams and or a vision? I know you do everyone does. What has been holding you back from doing it. Money, fear, location? It can be many things really. So I will say this start from somewhere. Make a checklist of things that you can do first without money. Then work your way up. What is going to drive you to get that business started today? What drives you? I hope this will encourage someone to move forward and get one of your dreams up and started before this month is out. I hope you dream big everyday and move in purpose.


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