Monday, October 28, 2013

Kris Humphries’ Ex Reportedly Writing Tell-All Book On Kim Kardashian!

Last Monday Kim Kardashian received a grand slam proposal from Kanye West. The couple’s engagement bliss has sadly been cut short as Kris Humphries ex-girlfriend is reportedly writing a tell-all book on Kim. Myla Sinanaj not only claims that Kim is a serial cheater, but that she was paid by the reality star’s lawyers to stay hush hush at the divorce deposition.

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“The last year and a half have been so insane and Myla really wants the truth of what happened to be out there,” a source shared with They continued by stating that Myla has been wanting to tell-all for a long time and that, “It’s going to be juicy!” It doesn’t stop there though as the friend explained, “It turned out to be a lot more detailed than she’d originally planned, but Myla figured if she’s going to do it why not lay it all out there…Kim should be scared!” Yikes!

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