Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Chris Brown talks about sex: Reducing the Risk of Child Offender Victimization

By: Denise Young, ED.S

While you think of 8 year old boys I think of my 8 year old son. He likes watching Adventure time with his Fin hat. So when I heard that Chris Brown lost his virginity at this age this was dishearten. Does anyone understand that he was abused, sexually abused? And for him to think it was cool to watch porn and having sex in nonchalant way is cover up, which makes sense to his behavior and lashing out at 23 years of age. 

Think about this if a girl at 14 or 15 abused him then she was abused too and the cycle keeps going. Lord, we as adults and parents need to protect our kids better. Now I know that we cannot be there at all times but we really need to protect our kids better. Here is what Chris said about his experience “Brown explained that it was the porn he watched with his cousins that prepared him to go all the way. "By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know what I'm saying?" he said. "Like, girls, we weren't afraid to talk to them; I wasn't afraid. So, at 8, being able to do it, it kind of preps you for the long run, so you can be a beast at it. You can be the best at it."

Here is another comment by Chris:

“Though Brown, 24, wouldn't say how many women he's slept with since, he teased that the number is quite high. "But you know how Prince had a lot of girls back in the day? Prince was, like, the guy. I'm just that today," he said. "But most women won't have any complaints if they've been with me. They can't really complain. It's all good."

Here is some fast tips to protect your children from child predators .

Reducing the Risk of Child Offender Victimization

While nothing a caregiver does will absolutely prevent sexual abuse, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of child offender victimization. Consider these steps to protect someone you love from child predators:1

·  Be watchful – always be on the lookout for situations or behaviors that seem dangerous or suspicious. Always know where your child is.

·  Monitor online activities – know what you child does online to prevent access by online child predators.

·  Check policies – check child protection policies at organizations that interact with your child. For example, what is the policy on screening the people that coach soccer? Does the organization check the sex offender registry?

·  Be with the child – accompany the child to public places like washrooms, stores and activities.

·  Communicate – be sure the child understands that he (or she) can tell you anything, even if he is afraid.

·  Rehearse – use "what if" scenarios to be sure a child knows what to do if a questionable situation arises. For example, "what would you do if you played a game with an adult that made you feel uncomfortable?" or, "what would you do if someone touched your private parts?"

·  Teach assertiveness – teach a child how to stand up to a child in an assertive manner. Make sure a child understands that being a good child doesn't mean just "blind obedience" to whatever any adult says.

·  Teach accurate names – label the body parts using the correct terms and use accurate names for sex acts as developmentally appropriate. Make sure the child knows that it's not OK for someone to touch his private parts.

·  Model appropriate behavior – show a child what a healthy relationship between an adult and child should look like. Adults are not interested in child companionship and friendship. Children are friends with other children and adults are friends with adults.

Most people that have been touched and had sex at early age think that they have not been abused they think is cool especially for boys. I do not fault Chris Brown he thought it was ok by his comments, but it is not ok. I really wish and pray that more adults and parents will communicate and talk to their kids about what to look for when someone may abused them in sexually way.  This article is conversation piece to get more people to talk about sexual abuse so we can decrease this negative behavior. If you need to talk to anyone about your abuse please contact me or call 1.800.656.HOPE.


Denise Young, ED.S

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