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Secret Weapon to Success: A sit down with Veroncia Bentley-Vinson

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By: Denise Young, ED.S
 One of the things that I love is girl power. In today’s society we are all are addicted to the reality shows like Housewives of Atlanta, Basketball Wives, and other shows that but the stereotype of the angry black women (African American Women) to the forefront. We have been called various names and not seem to be role models for good reasons but for bad reasons.  And our young girls think that is ok to get pregnant by a basketball player to be successful. There are so many women that are self made that did it with hard work, no man and build empires. And some of the women we will know there names nor see there pictures in magazines.  
One thing I admire is a woman about her business the legit way, without booty shots, or using her body, but using her brains and what God give her.  So we started a segment about women business owners. This is all about shining a light on women that are doing great things in the community and building empires block by block.
 I met this beautiful, smart young lady was years ago, she was not even out of college yet. When I saw her I knew that she had potential to be great.  One of my favorite quotes is by William Shakespeare Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them” tell me which one  she is after you read the interview. I want to introduce Veronica here is little information about her:
 A leader was born on March 25, 1990 in a Floridian City called Lakeland. At the age of 11, Veronica recollects being asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. Growing up in a rough environment during her childhood, where everyone was partying and pursuing vocational and community college educations, Veronica knew at a young age that she wanted much more educationally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Veronica believes that the spirit of entrepreneurship is innate. At the age of 11, she often responded to career inquiries by stating that she wanted to be a “WNBA basketball player, real estate agent, famous singer, professor, obstetrician/ gynecologist, successful business owner, and movie star.”
Although Veronica wanted to do many things, she always strived to reach the top in anything that she did. Veronica holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Real Estate from Georgia State University. Veronica began to complete her Masters in Divinity and Psychological Counseling at Mercer University, but later transferred in order to pursue a higher degree. Veronica is currently breaking into the Real Estate Industry as a seasoned Realtor and Investor. Veronica is a book writer as well as a contract writer for many upcoming companies.
Veronica’s love for Fashion, Health, and Beauty, pushed Veronica to follow her dreams. Veronica is the Owner and CEO of Valuxy Empire, Inc. that services Valuxy’s Exclusive Virgin Hair, Valuxy’s Clothing and Hat Line, and Valuxy’s oil fragrance, hair care, and jewelry lines.
Veronica would like to leave those who are reading this with, “Nothing comes easy! I developed resilience, through learning from and conquering my hardships, but I kept God first, unlike many people that I know. God, to whom I give all the credit, developed me into the woman that I am today, and he continues to develop me. Read my book, as it will tell you more about me. Be blessed and Shop Valuxy Empire, Inc.!”
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As I got to know her  the entrepreneur spirit was all over her so we wanted to get  her in the shop to do an interview. Check out the interview below.

 Tell us about you and why did you want to become a business owner?
Hell, My name is Veronica Bentley Vinson. I am currently the CEO and owner of Valuxy Empire, INC. “The Professional Company with a Fashionable Spin”. Entrepreneurship is truly innate, meaning it has to be something that you are born with, in my opinion. At the age of 11, I knew that I wanted to own successful businesses, but at the time I did not have the know-how. I was a steady employee at all of my jobs, making $600 a month, but slaving 40 hours or more a week and on top of that, I was carrying a heavy work load in college. The hours did not match up with the money. I was always working overboard for my employers. I would even work hours for no pay sometimes, to help my employers. I achieved employee of the month numerous of times. I found myself bitter at work, wondering why I could not build my own brand. Every week I was running out of money. It was just not enough. I became a business owner because I love financial and physical freedom. I hated being locked down.
What would you say to young girls that do not know what they want to do in life?
Search your inner-self for your passion. What is your favorite hobby? Do what you enjoy doing. I like freedom. I hate being locked down. I love teaching. I learned that, doing what I do not like, just to make money, is miserable. Doing what you love to do, while making money, is rewarding.
Tell us about your product and how we can get it. Since Valuxy is the “Professional Company with a Fashionable Spin”, we offer a number of Professional services as well as Fashion Products. Valuxy Empire, Inc. Services many different products such as Virgin Brazilian and Indian hair, the Valuxy Empire clothing line, regular clothing sales, Valuxy’s custom hair products, hats, jewelry, belts, and shoes. Our Professional Services include Upcoming Author’s Book Writing Services, Seminar Packets, Educational, Corporate, and Business Writing Services. Valuxy also offers Real Estate Services that help with buying, selling, or renting property. Two of Valuxy’s biggest products are the “Secret Weapons to Business and Personal Success”- Tour and EBook.
Tell us about how your product is different from others on the market.
We offer many sectors of business. We are not just a fashion company. We are not just a corporate company. We offer services to people who want a variety of things.
Why do you believe in yourself and how do you encourage others to live their dreams?
I am unique. I am ME. I believe in myself because I know my mental ability, my motivation, and I have immeasurable faith that things that are designated for me will come forth. I know that the ideas and abilities that I have are not in me by chance.  So, I use what I have been entrusted with, to achieve goals. I encourage the people to live their dreams because they too, have been entrusted with a wealth of skills and abilities, but they have to utilize their own gifts to achieve their desirable goals. Do not try to copy others, be yourself.
How do you measure success?
I would measure success as the achievement of the specific goals that you have always desired to reach. Whether these achievements make you rich or not, you still managed to succeed at doing them and you should be rewarded because you were successful. Finished high school or undergrad? You are still successful at that particular task. Accumulated a large amount of wealth? You are still successful at achieving that particular goal.
Tell us about some projects that you are working on?
I am currently working on the Valuxy Empire Clothing Line and the Upcoming Success Tour and E-BOOK.
Tell us about various businesses do you have.
Valuxy Empire, Inc. Is a corporation comprised of a minimum of 5 Businesses under one roof. I currently  have other businesses up my sleeve.
Explain to women out there about your secret weapon? This is a book and tour that will be helpful to business owners and aspiring business owners, who need a step by step helpmate that will walk them through opening a successful business. The book has many questions that many business owners ask.
When you hear the word purpose what do you think of? The reason why someone lives. The reason why the person rises daily. The reason why someone pursues an activity.
 Which one is she? Leave comments!
This is her contact information, please follow her and buy her products. and follow instagram- @valuxyempireinc

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