Thursday, April 24, 2014

How to Have Good Mental Health

By: Denise Young, ED.S/ ST

Mental Health

Most people do not understand that health is so important to your overall well being. Mental health is the key to over health. Let me explain more in depth. Your brain is a key organ that controls the way you think. If you think it will be. If your thoughts are negative your over health is effected . It is important to keep your mind clear and positive for all over health. Here are some tips to keep your beautiful mind on the right track. You are full of greatness and life is waiting on you to do something that will impact someone's life. Read these tips below:

big victory for people who need mental health care
Develop a hobby or passion for your mind to express your emotions and joys for the mind to feel progress. For example, the body needs exercise and a means to channel its energy. This is one of the five life coping skills. Love your body, as exercise is a coping skill
Feed your mind. Improve your social relations, and allow for more warmth and love between the people closest to you. Do not brag or be narcissistic (as much as possible accede to preferences of other people over your own preferences, ie: give them choices, not being pushy).
Recover old friendships, or make new true friendships to feed that part of your mind. Having good support systems from family and friends is a coping skill.
Challenge yourself once in a while. Seek a meaningful job to obtain a sense of real self-worth and confidence. A career that motivates you emotionally to get excited in the morning is a coping skill. However, if the job you have is not necessarily of your top career preferences, or even is flat out something you don't like, you can still deal with it. In every job there can be respect found in it by doing your best and treating those you work around with warmth. Learn to love yourself. Satisfaction in a career must come from yourself and not others.

Surround yourself with beauty. Redecorate your house or garden. Do some spring cleaning. Put on some happy music. Do whatever helps you feel relaxed and at peace. Practice whatever form of spiritualism that appeals to you. This is a life coping skill and will help you recognize beauty.
Remember that, as long as you fill your mind with your personal 'mental foods,' you will experience less boredom and inner conflict. Boredom and marital conflict are often symptoms of mental starvation (or misunderstanding).
Be sure to identify any issues you have such as anxiety, panic attacks or other disorders. Identify these and acknowledge that you have them. Only from there can you move on and seek treatment to improve your mental health.
Make sure you're consuming the right vitamins and minerals everyday. Follow a diet rich in omega3, vitamin E & C, and specially Antioxidants like raspberries and blackberries for example. Antioxidants help clean up the brain.

In closing, taking care of yourself is the first priority you should have. Now, that might sound selfish, but it is ok to be selfish sometimes. Think about this if you are sick how can you take care of your family, work, or enjoy life. Start today, doing something that will improve your mental health. If you think that you are suffering from depression or any other mental illness please seek a professional today in your area. If you need help you can email me at for any questions or concerns.  

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