Sunday, December 23, 2012


“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s” resident lightning rod, Joseline Hernandez, has beefed with nearly every cast member on her show and even other celebrities who are friends of her enemies. So, it goes without question that Hernandez is a woman who never backs down from a fight or a diss. And that was the case earlier this week when Hernandez slammed Tamar Braxton for challenging her sex.
During the premiere episode of Tiny’s new Vh1 show, “Tiny Tonight,” co-hosts Braxton and Claudia Jordan made jokes about Hernandez having masculine features and possibly being a man.
Well, once Hernandez got wind of the remarks, she took to Twitter to vent her rage at Braxton.
“@TamarBraxtonHer b—ch u got a d—k u f—k u know who whit you wanna be beyonce old PUTA. U a mess. I stay on u h*es mind. U 2 old,” tweeted Hernandez. “@TamarBraxtonHer I fight old h*es. Iol. #trowback. N give it up u like 100 u been trying all your life. Get back brawd. Lol.”
Hernandez also hurled a Twitter bomb at Jordan as well.
“This old h*e @claudiajordan need to sit down is she married yet?@tamarbraxtonher need a nose job with her ugly a*s,” she tweeted.
Well, it seems like just another day in the dramalicious world of Hernandez. But she’s not the only reality star causing controversy.


  1. If you know your worth as woman you don't need to prove it to anyone.... I'm just saying

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