Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rihanna And Chris Brown Look-Alike Have Car Fight Scene In 'We Found Love' Video

Posted Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:36pm PDT by Billy Johnson, Jr.

Rihanna sure knows how to keep people talking.
Just a week after the pop diva was quoted in "Esquire" magazine vowing her support of ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, who is on probation for assaulting her in 2009, she has released a video that depicts a Brown look-alike as the antagonist in a tumultuous relationship.
In the video for "We Found Love," Rihanna and her bleach-blonde beau, British boxer and model Dudley O-Shaughnessy, start things off upbeat. There are many parallels to her relationship with Brown. Rihanna and her on-screen boyfriend party hard, engross in public displays of affection, give each other tattoos, and joke around like kids.
But according to the storyline, things go awry when drugs takeover.
Tension mounts. Their drug binges lead to hangovers. And there's even a screaming match in a parked car that seems to mirror the police report account of Rihanna's early morning February 2009 brawl with Brown. He was convicted of felony assault against her that same year.
Rihanna didn't reference Brown when she announced the JustJaredvideo premiere on her Twitter page, but many fans have.
"Dear @rihanna im still a little confused on how I feel about the We Found Love video, especially since the guy resembles Chris Brown," Carmen @swttcarma Herrera wrote.
Amanda @atlantictiger Hutchin agreed, writing, "Rihanna's new video = her relationship with Chris Brown 100%. Open to all arguments."
While Rihanna's "We Found Love" video is as shocking and entertaining as her other clips, it's unfortunate that she continues to exploit a similar storyline of domestic abuse.
Representatives for Rihanna and Chris Brown have not yet replied to Yahoo! Music's request for comment.
Dudley O'Shauqhnessy photo credit: Jan Kruger, Getty Images

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