Monday, October 10, 2011

6 Places to Meet a Good Man


Single Ladies!!! Looking for a good man? Here are some possible places that you could find a good man — via
CHURCH EVENTS: So if he’s not good, at least he’s trying. From the reformed street guys to the former cheaters, church has a variety of men. While you would surely prefer one that has his act together already, men who are at least trying to be better can also be a good catch. Please note, going to church simply to find a man is not advisable. However, if you’re there don’t rule out the idea of finding Mr. Right. So many churches are in the business of nurturing singles that they’ve formed Singles events. The plus side to this is you know all the men who attend are single, or at least should be.
WORK: While it’s not suggested to date anyone at your job, it’s not such a bad idea to consider someone who may work in a totally different department. This could be a good place to meet a guy because you can find a bit of background information on him through co-workers (warning: be careful with asking the wrong co-workers). In addition, you know he works and where he’s going.
SPORTS BAR: Men and sports, need I say more? While meeting a man at a sports bar doesn’t necessarily make him a good guy, it does give you somewhat of a chance to find out. Of course, he’ll be mainly interested in the game that’s playing; yet, you still have a better chance of actually talking than in a loud club or lounge. Keep in mind, it’s best to go to a regular bar, instead of a super-chic bar that’s reminiscent of a club. Keep it simple.
LIBRARY OR BOOK STORE: At least you’ll know a brother reads, or at least pretends to. These days, the chances of finding a man at a library or bookstore are almost non-existing; but there is a possibility. He could be doing research in the library for grad school or buying a business book for his latest venture. Although chances are slim, don’t rule out this possibility.
IN YOUR HOME: Having a game night or small get together, in which you ask single friends to bring another single friend or two is a good way for people, specifically you, to meet other singles in a casual environment. Because it’s an informal gathering, there are no obligations, just friends, food, and fun; plus you have the opportunity to meet new guys in a candid way.
ALUMNI EVENTS: Wouldn’t it be such an “aww” moment for you to tell your child how you and your husband attended the same college? How you saw each other during college but never spoke. Then you met years later at your alma mater and immediately hit it off? Sounds like the closest thing to a love story as it gets these days, huh? Alumni events, especially during Homecoming, are a time to meet like-minded men who you at least share some commonality. Even better, this common factor makes it easier for you to spark up a conversation.

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