Saturday, July 30, 2011

The MoNique Show Canceled!

According to StraightFromTheA, Rodney Ho of AJC’s Radio & TV Talk confirmed that the show was cancelled after receiving a text from Monique’s sidekick on the show Rodney Perry.
There are rumors that Monique and the execs could not come to a mutual agreement while others say the cancellation was due to low ratings. Personally I blame BET. I really feel like they thought Monique’s Oscar popularity would bring top notch guest … and it didn’t. The show wasn’t bad I just think the idea was too big for the network.
Listen BET, this ain’t no Field of Dreams (If you build it they will come) you actually have to do more than the minimum to win with a talk show.
How do you feel about Monique’s show being cancelled?

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