Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sheree objects to Phaedra's lawyering

Sheree Whitfield’s professional relationship with attorney and co-star Phaedra Parks had to end because reality TV cameras were getting in the way.

“It was Phaedra waiting for the cameras to follow her to get clearance,” Sheree told Bravo’s Andy Cohen while explaining that Phaedra didn’t move quickly enough when it came to Sheree’s legal needs.

“This is my life. I’m not just doing this for the cameras,” said Sheree, who expected a contempt motion to be filed against her ex-husband, but instead received a child support modification request before she could make her move.

“I went to Phaedra; originally she volunteered to file a contempt motion for me. Bob [Whitfield] ended up beating her to the punch, which was about two weeks later,” Sheree said.

“If you volunteer to do this, I need this done,” she said. “She failed to do what she volunteered to do in the beginning.”

Phaedra may have offered to help Sheree out of the goodness of her heart at first, but according to Sheree, once Bob filed his motion, things changed and that’s when Phaedra asked for payment.

“I didn’t want to end in a bad way. It didn’t sit well with me when it kinda made it seem like they were hounding me, asking me, trying to get this money. That’s not the case,” said Sheree, who clarified that the first request for the money was made the day before it was due.

Despite the professional disagreement, Sheree said she and Phaedra are cool, but Sheree’s BFF Miss Lawrence isn’t such a fan of Phaedra’s.

“My beef with Phaedra is, Phaedra makes the most absurd comments about me,” he said, referring to her comment that he looked like “Mr. T dipped in Wonder Woman.”

“If you’re going to be funny and make the jokes, I want you to be ready for the wrath,” he said, before clarifying that he still likes her.

Watch Sheree explain why she couldn’t work with Phaedra.

—Tracy L. Scott

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