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Talent Runs in Katy Perry’s Family!


There’s a new Perry hitting the music scene, er, make that a Hudson! Katy Perry’s little brother, David Hudson, is telling In Touch all about life as a world famous pop star’s brother, singing Disney ballads and how he’s looking to make a name for himself. His new song is called "A Real Man’s Life" and it’s up on YouTube now! “I'm developing my music as much as I can. It all started with our older sister, Angela. She took voice lessons, then Katy started to. I didn’t start learning music til eighth or ninth grade!” Over the years, David has been working hard at his craft, taking voice lessons, and he tells In Touch that even now, “Every day I’m studying music theory, piano, guitar and French.”

David, who refuses to ride on the coattails of anyone, particularly his sister Katy, tells us, “I finally showed them a song about two months ago -- my first musical endeavor. They were blown away. Katy was really busy, but I finally bugged her enough and she's like, ‘Fine I'll listen to it,’ and then she must have sent me ten text messages in a row. 'Who wrote this?’ 'Is this really you singing?' 'Where did this come from?' 'How did you get in the studio?' She was amazed, and she doesn't know that I know this, but Katy was saying, 'My first song was not half as good as that!' It's just kind of cool to see my sisters’ reactions. I look up to them and I love them.” Family is just one of the things keeping this up and comer on track. “[Katy] definitely encourages me. Obviously, she is who she is and the affiliation is something that does benefit me but I don't have her introduce me to producers or studio heads.”

David, who is influenced by acts like Radiohead and Kings of Leon, says he’s going for a more “mainstream sound.” And like older sister Katy, he wants to be a good role model in Hollywood. “I really want to be successful in order to use that platform for a greater good. I want to be a very positive figure in Hollywood. I really want to turn things around.” Fun fact about Katy and David: He sings Disney songs for her. “It all started when I started taking singing lessons six years ago and she was like 'What songs are you working on?' ‘Well, my teacher wants me to work on Aladdin's A Whole New World,’ and she was like 'Shut up! Sing it at my birthday!' And so I did!” Check out David’s song, "A Real Man’s Life" here on YouTube.

Posted: November 30, 2011
In Touch Exclusive: Rob Lowe: “I Will Never Get Plastic Surgery!”


With his sparkling blue eyes and boyish charm, Hollywood veteran Rob Lowe is still a heartthrob. But as he nears 50, the father of two doesn’t fear losing the looks that helped make him a household name three decades ago. “I’m not worried about chronological years,” Rob, the director of the web video Butterfinger the 13th, available on Facebook, tells In Touch in an exclusive interview, adding that he has never even considered plastic surgery or Botox. “I don’t think guys should be monkeying around with that stuff.”

So without a quick fix, how does the actor plan on staying so hot? Rob credits his sons, Edward, 18, and John, 16, with keeping him fit. “I’m outside surfing, diving, you name it,” he says. “I’m very cool with my teenagers.”

Posted: November 30, 2011
Out & About


Kelly Osbourne presented an award to Mark Badgley and James Mischka at the 2011 Fashion Award Dinner, which benefited Phoenix House.

Holly Madison and her girlfriends danced to the music of DJ Stellar at Haze Nightclub in Las Vegas.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Lauren Conrad teamed with Kohl’s to treat four deserving teens from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles with a shopping spree of a lifetime at Kohl’s, to add some cheer to their holiday. The girls each received a $500 Kohl’s Gift Card to shop. Lauren gave the teens a holiday stocking full of beauty products and accessories and helped each girl shop for a fun holiday outfit from her LC Lauren Conrad collection. Lauren also helped style each girl with shoes and accessories for their favorite look.

This Saturday, December 3rd, you have a chance to party like Hugh Hefner at the Official Naughty Or Nice Xmas party at the 333 Live Nightclub in Los Angeles! Tickets can be purchased here.

On November 8, NBC's Parks and Recreation star Rob Lowe was the guest speaker at Artists on Recovery, a fundraiser hosted by Austin-based drug and alcohol treatment center Austin Recovery ( Rob, who has been in recovery for two decades, spoke about the positive impact sobriety has made on his own life, as well as that of his family. "This community proved today how much they value giving struggling families a chance,” Rob said. “I was honored to be a part of such an inspiring event."

Lionel Richie came by the CMA Awards backstage gift lounge and sang, “Hello, is it me you're looking for” when he chose two vests for daughter Nicole Richie from the Belldini collection!

Ultimat Vodka’s new Facebook app The Social Life Audit is designed to give the "overworked and underplayed" among us a look at our actual social lives using online technology. In just 30 seconds, the app uses facial recognition technology and analytics to assess Facebook photos and check-ins to yield an overall score and customized infographics in several categories.

Kellan Lutz was seen looking very handsome in a Joseph Abboud suit at The GQ Men Of The Year Awards in LA.

Posted: November 30, 2011
Kourtney Kardashian: I’m Pregnant!


Most women wait until they’re three months along to tell friends they’re pregnant. But Kourtney Kardashian apparently couldn’t bear the delay. Today, at just nine weeks pregnant, she’s announced her baby news to the entire world! “I feel confident [about the pregnancy],” she reportedly said.

Of course, the Kardashians might have another motive for releasing the information early: All of them have suffered from the hits to the family’s reputation in the wake of Kim’s cash-grabbing wedding and her subsequent quickie divorce. (You know things are bad when even gentlemanly Daniel Craig, a.k.a. James Bond, is dissing you: In the January issue of GQ the actor refers to the clan as “f-ing idiots,” for living so publicly and then wishing to close ranks in the wake of bad news. As he said, “You can’t buy your privacy back… If you sell it off, it’s gone.”)

Although the timing indicates that Kourtney, 32, and boyfriend Scott Disick, 28, conceived before Kim split from Kris Humphries, one imagines that mother/manager/mastermind Kris Jenner was positively gleeful about the prospect of good news that will push Kim’s divorce out of the spotlight (and, oh yeah, another grandchild). So it’s no wonder that they couldn’t wait the traditional 12 weeks. Either way, we’re sure the baby will be a cutie, so congratulations to the happy couple!

Posted: November 30, 2011
Ashton Kutcher Moves In With His Guy Friends, Moves On From Demi Moore


It’s only been a couple of weeks since he split from his wife of six years, Demi Moore, but Ashton Kutcher is already seamlessly adjusting to single life. Since Demi, 49, announced her plan to file for divorce, In Touch has learned that party girl-loving Ashton, 33, has been crashing at a friend and business associate’s duplex in LA.

But while divorce is stressful for most, the Two and a Half Men star isn’t letting the separation from Demi, or the cheating scandal that finally tore them apart, get him down. In fact, an insider tells In Touch that despite all of his recent personal drama, Ashton has been in a great mood on set, joking around and flirting with women. “His ego is huge,” says the insider.

And Ashton is also reconnecting with old friends and taking advantage of his freedom. “He’s ready to get out there and have fun,” a source tells In Touch. Another friend adds that Ashton — who is currently in negotiations to buy a palatial party pad on LA’s Sunset Strip — still cares about Demi but now realizes he wasn’t ready to give up his life as a bachelor when he and Demi got hitched in 2005. So, says the source, “He’s ready to make up for lost time.”

Posted: November 30, 2011
Jen Aniston’s Neurotic, High-Maintenance Behavior Is Driving Justin Theroux Crazy!


Free spirit Justin Theroux has started to see how high-maintenance Jennifer Aniston can be. Case in point: her obsession with being thin. The actress, 42, recently quit smoking in hopes of getting pregnant, but it caused her to gain 10 pounds, so now she “complains nonstop about how fat she is,” a source tells In Touch. “Justin really can’t believe how vain Jennifer is. He will want to go to a restaurant and Jen will say that the food’s too fattening or that she can’t stay up late because she’s getting up at 6 a.m. to go to a workout.”

Despite her exercise compulsion, Jen isn’t breaking a sweat in the bedroom. Desperate to conceive, the actress has instituted a sex ban, insisting to Justin, 40, that they should only have sex during her most fertile days each month. As a result, “Justin has been saying that their love life is more like a science experiment and he’s really fed up with it,” says the source. “It’s hard to deal with her neurotic side.”

After all the drama, Jen may in fact be flying solo soon — at least for the holidays. Jen made plans with Courteney Cox for Christmas Eve, but Justin “flat out said no,” says an insider. Although a rep insists they’re fine, the friend says Justin had finally had enough. “He sort of rebelled and said he wasn’t sure about going,” the insider says. “He’s starting to feel like Jen is scheduling all of his time up so that he won’t be able to see his friends,” says another pal.

Jen also thinks it’s “unhealthy” that he still talks to his ex, Heidi Bivens, says her friend. Indeed, if Jen doesn’t loosen up the reigns on their relationship — stat — the pal adds, “They may end up spending time apart.”

Posted: November 30, 2011
Kate Gosselin Speaks Out: "I Didn’t Get A Face Lift!"


After new photos surfaced of the mother-of-eight looking especially fresh, rumors have been swirling that Kate Gosselin underwent a face-lift procedure. But the reality star-turned Coupon Cabin blogger — who has openly discussed her 2007 tummy tuck — swears she hasn’t gone under the knife again. "I will confirm that I have not had one (I am only 36!!!)," Kate wrote on her blog adding that she isn’t irritated by the reports. "I will take all of this talk about how rested and young I look as a compliment! So thanks!"

To maintain her youthful appearance, the working mom — who also denied getting breast implants and Botox in 2010 — says she runs daily near her Wernersville, Pa., home. And the frequent vacations with her hunky bodyguard, Steve Neild, probably don't hurt, either!

Posted: November 28, 2011

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