Saturday, August 9, 2014

Self esteem

powerful ways to build your self esteem:
By: Blue Ivy
Over the years I have seen so much dealing with teens and young women. You can honestly tell a girl that she is pretty and she will think you are trying to be funny and think you hate her when you really think she is gorg. What is that ? Why do we have so many people that think they are ugly when they are not.  
Self-esteem and confidence are two levels of conception closely tied to an individual's sense of well-being. The words self-esteem refer to a person's perception of her own worth or value. All people have strengths as well as shortcomings. Those with high self-esteem expand their strong points can accept weaknesses without guilt or remorse and work diligently toward improvement. Confidence is the belief in ones own capacity to meet challenges in a certain area of life. Confidence proceeds achievement, which, in turn, further fosters self-worth. Here are some tips to build self esteem.

Building Self-Esteem

Step 1

The person who desires to achieve high levels of confidence and self esteem must begin by accepting full responsibility for every result produced in his life. Self- responsibility is paramount to self-esteem in that it puts one in charge of his own destiny. By assuming the directing role of your existence, you become capable of placing yourself on the path to personal achievement

Step 2

In order to truly feel worthy, it's important to accept every aspect of yourself. A mark of confidence is the ability to accurately asses one strengths and weaknesses without judgment and use the insights collected to constructing a strategy for personal success

Step 3

Provide yourself with kind words. Stating and re-iterating the belief that your are capable when facing a challenge allows you the space to learn how life works. When speaking of yourself, make it a point to affirm your intrinsic value and worth as a human being. Positive self-talk goes a long way in building genuine feelings of self-appreciation.

Step 4

Find a group of supporters. Self-esteem is grounded on feeling lovable. Perceiving ones self a being lovable heavily weighs on a sense of belonging. Surround yourself with people which whom you can share your dreams and goals freely without fear of destructive criticism.

Step 5

Get lots of small things done. Make a to-do list, compiled with all the little issues you would like to see resolved around the house or office. Repairing a broken shelf, re-hanging a picture or things of that sort will do just fine. After accumulating a good number of minor chores, begin accomplishing these tasks, one by one. Even completing small chores will begin to instill within your mind that you are a person who completes things. This will bring into existence a sense of confidence that will prepare you to tackle something larger.

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