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Beyonce And Video Vanguard Award

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Watch Blue Ivy Carter dance along to mum Beyonce as she performs at the MTV VMAs

So much happened at the MTV VMAs in Los Angeles on Sunday night. SO MUCH!
There were boobs, bums, wardrobe malfunctions, delicious dresses and even deliciously crazy dresses but one teeny tiny person did a good job at trying to steal the show – Blue Ivy Carter.
She who may not actually be human, Beyonce, and her husband Jay Z took their tiny tot along to the event and while her superstar mum was on stage performing her track Flawless, Blue Ivy was spotted in the crowd nodding her head and waving her hand.
And not only did she look super cute, she also played it super cool and didn’t seem starstruck at all despite being surrounded by a bunch of celebs (well, you wouldn’t really be bothered at that age, would you?).
In fact, it seems the stars themselves were more excited to see Bey and Jay’s little girl, with Katy Perry tweeting: “OMG BLUE JUST PERSONALLY WAVED AT ME. MY LIFE IS OVER.”
Amazing! Blue Ivy is still so down to earth that she can still “PERSONALLY” wave for herself and she doesn’t yet have minions to do it for her. Nice touch, Beyonce.
After her performance Beyonce was joined on stage by Blue and hubby Jay Z and she struggled to fight back tears as she was presented with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.
At this point things got even cuter with baby Blue uttering something to her Godess-like mother which some people think was: “Go Mummy!”
Of course Bey blubbed and we were a complete mess.

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