Wednesday, May 14, 2014

: I think this is untrue: Solange Was "Being a Loudmouth" Before Jay Z Fight, Incident Started Over Something "Small and Stupid

I think that the media has chose a side on this already. I knew that they were going to make Solange out to be crazy, out rate and on drugs when this was over and said and done. This is what I believe. I think that something went on (who knows the actual story) and the girls went in on Jay-Z.  If you look at the tape B did not stop her sister. Now if  this was your sister ,acting crazy or acting up you would have checked her and told her to shut up. B did not, she even moved out the way to let her kick him. Now girls you know if that were you, you would have stepped up and told your sister to chill, but B did not. It was weird to be honest to watching this and B not do anything. Then she left with her sister not her husband. All I can say is I wish I was a fly on the wall of the evaluator.
Here is what the media said below: (don't believe it)

The plot thickens! New details continue to emerge about the apparent elevator fight between Solange Knowles and Jay Z on May 5, the night of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute Gala in New York City. As previously reported, the "Losing You" singer, 27, had been fired up earlier in the evening and was seen yelling at designer Rachel Roy and her table companions during a Met Gala after-party at the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room. The reason for her outburst is unclear -- but an insider tells Us Weekly she mentioned her brother-in-law during the frenzy.
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"Solange was yelling that anyone who gets close to Jay has to be warned and deal with her as a sister," the source says of Beyonce's younger sibling.
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Things escalated from there. A second insider says Bey and Jay tried to get Solange to leave, which sparked the now-infamous elevator melee. "Jay said something small to her along the lines of, 'You are out of line,'" the second source tells Us. "Solange was being a loudmouth and snapped at Jay trying to calm her down and get her out of there."
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The insider notes "there were a few other things" said, too, but insists it "isn't the big deal people are making it into." The source adds, "Honestly, the whole fight was over something so small and stupid."

As for Beyonce's role in the fracas? "Bey was just trying to keep the peace and get Solange home, which is why she went with Solange in the car," the insider says. (As seen in video of the trio exiting the Standard, Bey and her sister got into one car, while Jay Z was escorted to a separate SUV.)
"Both Bey and Jay were trying to handle the situation," the source tells Us. "Solange has been that way before, and Jay and Bey just wanted to get her out of there and home before she really caused a ruckus."

Ruckus or not I believe that Solange was upset about some thing and it was not over a darn dress. Women do not get mad like that over small things were you will jeopardize your sister like that. Now  you know they are very private and B wants everyone to think they are A ok with no problems, but that is not the case. People have problems all the times in families, but ok media it was not a big deal. I would agree with that. But it is more to it.... we will never know... 

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